So Frustrated! Nero 7 hate it!

I hope some very kind soul can help? First my software XP Pro and Nero 7 are legit. Latest thing I get now which I do not understand is:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error
Program ! c/Program Files/Nero/Nero7/Nero Vision/Nero Vision.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way
Please contact the applications support team for more info.
This error occurs 5 secs before transcode and burn complete after 2.43.21s
The support team are as much use as a clockwork orange, they just pass the buck first to my Pioneer driver (which is within XP Pro) then to XP Pro inself. I am running the latest XP updated (I have even re-installed XP twice) also I even changed my DVD Writer.
As you can tell I am a total novice and I am pleading for help before I go crazy :a
Thanking in advance :bow:

Thanks I thought at least on person might have answered my plea, but no such luck, or maybe no one knows the answer??? All I can say is thank God! for dvdSanta!!!

No one answered your plea because this type of error is something only the Nero people can fix.

You seem to have the type of problem that might be either Nero or Windows. It appears Nero is asking a Windows utility to do something it can’t (not a programmer). It is hard to tell if Nero is messed up or you have a problem with one of your Windows .dll files or your Windows installation.

I would suggest you use the clean tool to uninstall Nero 6 and 7 if you ever used 6. There is also a Registry checker and driver remover you might try.

You might also remove the DVD drive from device manager and let Windows find it again. Make sure you do a cold boot after you remove the device.

Try different project files, in case one is causing problems.

See if you have a NeroHistory log you could post. If you uninstall, it will probably be removed and only replaced after an attempted burn, if you even have one generated yet.

You don’t need to add any special ASPI drivers for WinXP, Nero has it’s own.