So far what do you think?!




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jooo, dude, there is a seperate ADVERTISING forum, so post there not here, you irritate with this, post in the appropriate forum !!!


You can lose the sound effects, don’t like them at all



sounds are scratched here, they are just like fucked up

second page error on it

for the rest nice stuff on it just a shame of errors


No, i agree, im working on the errors(trying to figure it out) and the sound wasnt my idea, the idea was cool but the sound sucks, sounds like the speakers are popping.Hopefully all will be fixed.


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Yo, here’z Gargoyle. (you know who I am). I am sorry, but I think your site is a little ugly. Maybe I can help you al little with the design? send an e-mail if you would like me to help you…you know my mail adress
my site’s url is

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sorry gargoyle, thats our style and look, the dead gloomy look, some people like it some dont. we are about 5,ooo members deep so far. Thats the way we chose, we can make the look fantastic with flash and java and all, but to much work, i concentrate on the links (which some i have to fix). anyway i see you did the site over, looks good & decent so far. thanks for everyones opinion thats what i need.


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