So Far So Good on my new 3500 but HELP (bitsetting)

Okay, I have spent the better part of the day trying to get out of Liteon sub-forum mode to NEC forum mode. The 812S@832S did okay but I already see that the NEC will be better. THat is if I can figure out how to make things happen. The liteon forum was just a bit easier to soak in it seems, and I think somebody else may have alluded to that in here.

But who am I to complain?

Well, I have flashed to Herrie’s 2.17 f/w and I am trying to get a permanent bitsetting thingy going on here. I cannot get it to take. I understand that in order to use NECWinFlash’s bitsetting utility that the f/w has to be able to support it. Well, the last one I have used is beta7.bin, is there a good reason why it still shows up as 2.17? Additionally, neither this nor 3500_217bs has allowed a permanent SL bitsetting to take.

What am I missing here?

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Appreciative of the kindness of those who know :bow:

Have you tried Binflash yet? :wink:

Download winbtype.exe, there you should have tabs for the booktype of each different media. From what I understand is that you will have two tabs, dvd+r dl and dvd+r. Set them to dvd-rom as default. Ignore the temporary settings, I don’t think they work. Then set nero to current recorder setting (only nero has this) on the choose recorder window under the 3500a. That’s it, all your dvd+rs and dual layer discs will appear as dvd-roms! Still waiting on bitsetting for dvd+rws but I don’t have any of those discs so it’s no big deal. Liggy started with the 2.17 firmware, he just tinkered with it a little. The necwinflash bitsetting didn’t work for me either, but winbtype did.:iagree:

tried both of these, but I admit I have been using dvddecrypter to do my burning. I’ll try nero and see if that helps.



According to this picture of binflash, does this mean that now we can change the booktype of +rw discs?

@Deer Slayer

I would be interesting to know what went wrong with the Binflash (necwinflash) bitsetting changes since it’s sending the same commands as winbtype. If you tried to change multiple booktypes at once you might get an error message for the booktype changes which are not supported by your firmware. However the ones that are supported should have been changed.


Some firmware versions allow changing the booktype of +rw discs. I know for a fact that the 2.f.7 version for the 2510 works. I’m not sure about the 3500 firmware versions.

That’s the message that I got and I figured out why, I tried to enable bitsetting for dvd+rw. It was my screw up not the program. :o DUH!

No problem, it’s somewhat confusing. I’ll try to determine the possible booktype changes in advance and just disable the onces which are not allowed.

Hey, I have autbitsetting now! Not even sure how…Oh well that’s what mattered to me.