So far no luck in backing up Delta Force Black Hawk Down

Yes, I’m sure I will benefit a lot with this forum. Although I’m old in another forums, like or modchip-forums, I can see that this forum is very big and have a lot of experience.

I been trying to back up my expensive copy of Delta Force Black Hawk Down but I have been unsuccesful. I have tried Clonecd, with subchannels on, ignore read errors, and write it with Dao, but no success.

Up till know, this is the best 1:1 copy program I have known but it seems that are bettetr software programs out there like alcohol 120, Blindwrite suite as I can see because some of you guys have been able to make a backup of this game.

Okay, after I had read some your tips, I downloaded Blindsuite, the latest one that has the bwa builder, but when I want to dump the cd to start the extraction of the cd, if freezes completely and the end of the program window pops up. I don’t know why this happens. I have donwloaded several blindwrite suite firwmare but I still have the same problem.

ONe thing I have noticed is that when I click ===>dump the cd ----
----all the fields have the words error error error on them.

Please help, thanks,

Any help would be very aprreciated!!!

Please help??:confused:

It’s securom 4.8x protected. See here for method to create a copy that works without emulation.