So everyone loves 5005--Yea right

So everyone loves there 5005 with the lovely contrast level it has–I take it. Because knowone seems to agree or disagree with the problem I posted yesterday about 5005 contrast. So I guess they are content in using another tuner instead of what was supplied with the machine.

Dude, the tuner is mono! I doubt many of us use it all. I never have. I use the tuners on my DirecTV/Tivo.

I had some green tint/cabbage face that was cleared up in the last FW update but the recordings I had made before the upgrade were fine had no tint issues.

So, yeah, I love my 5005.

I have never used the tuner either and for $149 US in November I am extremely pleased especially after the last updates.
When VCR’s came out I paid over $800 for a JVC-7650 VCR which I still have 2 of, which were 3 times the size, probably 4 times the weight and were noisy when fast forwarding and rewinding. I paid $14 for Memorex VHS tapes. It used to take me real time to copy a VHS tape to another VHS tape.
Now I have backed the old VHS tapes up to DVD - 2 to a DVD for a cost of 35 cents even if they had macrovision protectio thanks to the hacks. As I stated I do most of my recording in the 4hr mode. People that have viewed the DVD’s have no complaints. I use the $3 A/V cables that came with my 5005 from the cable box to the rear inputs of the 5005, I have a little beefier set that cost me 'bout $8 going from the 5005 a/v outputs to the a/v inputs of my tv.

I would buy another tomorrow and am thinking of it right now. I would have to get another cable box at a cost of $10 per month so I could record 2 different cable premium shows at a time to DVD.

It is not just me, the latest votes in the poll are 32 Yes to 10 No on if they would buy another LVW-XXXX

I think we all share the fustration sometimes of the various quality problems on the LiteON 5xxx series. However, many of us don’t have that many problems or may be we are not looking for perfection in a $150 machine. Other than the green hue problem, I don’t have any other major complaints.

Having said that, I think there are plenty of better DVDRW recorders coming out, with the Panasonic ES10 being a fine candidate at $190 shipped (eg Amazon). It has DVDRAM and DVD+/-RW capability and seem to be freed of visual quality problems.


All I can say is those of you who have a good one count your blessings!! If you had the jump/jitter and some of the green hue/cabbage patch still that I and many others have you’d be cussin’ mad as I am!! I got it so when I’m not geekin’ out on it my family can use and watch it, CAN’T DO IT WITH THE JUMP/JITTER!! It hurts me to hear some of you say: “well for the $$ it ain’t bad”?? thats a cop out! If they advertise it it should do it!! If the box said: “25- 30% of these don’t work, take your chances” how many could they sell?? This isn’t just a USA thing it’s worldwide!! I think Liteon should recall or replace any machine that is bad with a 12/04 or newer unit no questions ask!! I sent in a bad 9/04 5005 and got back a bad 5005 9/04 with the same problems!! That’s what’s wrong with many of us!! We don’t stand-up for things anymore!! Just food for thought!! Now I’ll get off my soap box!!

I agree with everyone and their frustrations but we are not alone. A list of DVD recorders and their problems is here:

Note the list states if no problem is listed that does not mean there are no problems.

To me that means that they are not listed yet. The list was last updated the end of March 2005

Have never seen the cabbage, at least in its worst form…not giving the 5005 a break, just not an issue…lucky I guess. However jitter, different story. That is TOTALLY unacceptable, and I agree with Had1 price doesn’t make it okay… However THAT said, I’m still trying to duplicate with a name brand (not necessarily on the 5005 approve list) blank disc, and so far hasn’t surfaced…have never seen just viewing through 5005 (not through tuner, but cable, or vhs feed) Another main reason for buying was the firewire, and this also has never resulted in jitter, and have always used better discs for this as family dv video burns.
So…still in the Liteon camp, although would be nice to know the big issues have been squashed…but also has someone else mentioned, other brands are certainly not without issues, and probably would have to own and use for awhile to get the true performance on those units also.

I also agree great machine for $150 bucks I don’t use the tuner either i use the avr in and out and it seems fine after the firmware upgrade and hack.

Until I read this thread I didn’t even realise that it had a tuner. My digital TV picks up the programs and a scart connection to the 5005 records them.
Also what is all this about green tinges and cabbage ? and what unacceptable jitter ? Is this a US problem ? The only issues I have with the 5005 are
(1) the DVD scans look ugly when compared to Benq1620 or a Plextor 716A
recordings. they are still well within limits but do not compare well with the BenQ and Plextor and (2) the fan is noisy – so I use a Sony for Playback. But apart from that – no coasters - no problems

HS, yes more than one US (and maybe UK also) user has had issue with a green tint and jitter, aka frame rate loss, both over several firmwares, with and without hacks applied. I also generally do not use the 5005 for playback, and record directly from digital cable via s-video input…but even with some of the issues am happy balancing price, all media compatible, and firewire input…

I’ve had two 5005’s,and a 5004 over the last few months and they’ve all shown the same traits.No contrast or green tinge problems but all have had the ‘dropped frame’ problem maybe green tinge is caused by a certain type of U.S. signal,i don’t know.If i had all three problems,i wouldn’t be a Liteon owner now as i had the chance to bail out weeks back.I’m convinced the dropped frame problem is not bad media as i’ve had it whilst viewing through the 5005, but not recording.No,i’m not a 5005 lover as it’s caused me a lot of aggro.but 90% of the time my latest one has been fine…I was surprised to see someone had had no problems at all! don’t adjust anything!!

my 5005 still has the green cabbage effect on shadows and dark images, also has a strange pink cabbage that seems to creep in on greys, loses color when alot of neutral or “earthy” colors are nearby


If you have the LOTR Trilogy, or disc one(Fellowship of the Rings) anyways, play it, fast forward to exactly Chapter 10 at 45:00 and play, at 45:17 Blibo baggins says “get off the road quick!” and they all run and duck under a tree’s roots. This is where the difference became very noticeable. When played through my old Toshiba SD-1200 everything looks fine and has good color, at least as much color as is there. When played on the LiteOn 5005, none of the characters have any color to their clothes, it look slike a black and white or greyscale picture except for the green grasses around the tree.

Another is on the same disc at Chapter 1 at 2:30 if you watch as the view from above at the army surging forward, on the LiteOn it is a mix of grey and pink blotches.

Also, at various points in the movie, the LiteOn generally has a hard time producing greys as grey, instead they take the form of pinks and shadows take on a green tint.

i updated my firmware to the 98 version i think a couple of months back, did no good

If it has been a couple months I would check the LiteOn site for your updates, there has been one that for the majority took pretty good care of the green tint/color issues. See post #3 of this thread. to update your firmware

yeah, i put in in a closet for now, might drag it out and give it a whirl, but right now i just want to abuse it to death

I don’t think your alone, others do also !