So... DivX 6 is out



Has anybody tried the bundle yet? Is it as good and easy to do as the ratDVD program? I’m 100% sure that DivX will have better video quality but… is it as easy to use as ratDVD?

Post your coments here :stuck_out_tongue:


As a Register Dr. Divx user, I’ll pay my $10 and upgrade tonight.

I wonder about the new .divx format. Does it store user info anywhere? Could the creator of the .divx file be identified?

Always concerned about my privacy.


DivX 6 Create Bundle First Impressions:

I tried a 80MB .MPG file and even on the high def setting, it downsized the picture.
I much prefer the finer control available in Dr. Divx

I got the MPEG2 option and tried a DVD from my collection and got a message that a AC3 codec was not installed. Dr. Divx was able to process the DVD just fine.

I paid for the “upgrade” but doubt I’ll use it. I can’t even find Dr. Divx 1.06 on the site for download, I still have the Dr. installed, but I hope I don’t have to re-install for some unforseen reason.


I think that they’re on to it, or so they seem to say in their forums.