So Confused LG DVD/RW no go

Hmm and intro… Well i’m new and i have a problem :bigsmile: Sorry little short on sleep, little frusterated.

Anyhow I’m not very good with burners and such never paid much attention to them. i’m not sure weather i need a firmware update or driver. dvd rewriter wont read dvd’s or write them, it should read a normal bought dvd movie at least right? and do i need just the right rw/cd’s to burn on to? do i need an update for winmedia? is there a program i should be downloading to burn cd’s? a free download? i have read some of the post here and at other sites but… well i just dont get it :o :sad:

I have an LG DVD/RW 16x DVD and 52x32x52x (not sure if it does cd’s too?) thats just what it says on the front, Belarc Advisor says its a ;


Device Manager, Diver detials say:


Please i hope u can help, im so lost

Dvd burners do full cd burning and reading too. You havent said any specific one thing you were trying to do but indicated at a few. As far as dvd, most functions with dvd need extra software (even playing movies). It is hard to tell for sure what your problem is with the info you have given, but try downloading the free trial of nero (if you don’t have broadband, forget it, there are other programs to trouble shoot and nero is a big program, especially the new version). With nero, you can test and trouble shoot as it can do just about everything you would want to do with any kind of disk (it’s not nesasarilly the best program for everything, but it is the best program that does everything).

LG GCC is a combo, a combination of DVD-ROM and CD-RW. They cannot burn on DVD.

ok going to check out and download nero, brb