So confused about what dvd to get @_@

I want to use a dvd for burning movies and my own personal videos so i can watch it on my tv. All these years I’ve been using memorex and ever since I’ve joined this forum, I’ve realized how bad memorex is…

I want to get verbatim as everyone suggests here. but i live in Canada and it seems best buy or future shop don’t really have them. :sad:

I’ve read the sticky on The Taiyo Yuden FAQ. and sony apprently sells them.
Sony (US)
8x DVD+R
MIJ + White Round (can also be SONY D11) or White Octagonal Spacer

8x DVD-R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

16x DVD+R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

16x DVD-R
MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer

what does Mij mean? are these widely avaliable in us and canada? if anyone has other great suggestions please tell me about it :bow:

mij means made in japan, tried ? :slight_smile: think thats a us store

where r u @ ? try has both Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media and seems to be popular with our Canadian members.

thanks and everyone and drage for that link. so all sony dvd+r or -r that is made in japan is like made by taiko yuden?

MIJ Sonys are most often but not always Taiyo Yuden. Sometimes you’ll find Sony-manufactured discs, which are kickass media in their own right. I’m pleased whenever I find a spindle of MIJ Sony 16x DVD+R… I like MIJ SONY D21 a lot.

Anyway, as long as it’s Made in Japan you’re good to go.

MIJ + White Octagonal Spacer
a must if i want to identify if its made by taiko yuden?
if its just made in japan is it still considered taiko yuden?
oh and by the way what does a octagonal spacer look like?

As far as I know anything made in Japan these days is probably Taiyo Yuden. The big thing to watch out for is fake media. Some companies like to sell inferior media claiming that it’s Taiyo Yuden to take advantage of their reputation.

Not many manufacturers make discs from japan, the ones that are made there are usually pretty good. I’ve never seen multiple people report absolute rubbish quality from a MIJ disc.

I say you should worry less about if it’s TY media and just get whatever is MIJ. You could also try verbatim, which is a MIT disc, but also extremely good.