So can anyone explain the logic behind this




i’m having major headache using Nero. I just don’t understand it. I start new multisession disc. I set it’s label, add files, etc, then burn it. That’s all fine. Now I decide - hey, i’d like one more copy of that disc. Just in case. So I try to burn it again, but nooooo, it craps out on me saying “to burn this multisession compilation you need the disc which contains previous backup sessions. Please get lost.” Errrrr, sorry, what? Ok, so I go to compilation properties, and what do I see? Oh yes, it’s set to “Continue multisession disc”. And who exactly asked him to do so? But that’s not even the beauty of it! All the controls are disabled, so I can’t change it back to “start multisession disc”! What the heck is up with that? So to burn another copy of already prepared disc I have to do it all over?! Gosh!

Not to mention that it just keeps popping that stupid “hey you know if you continue doing this your files might not be accessible by explorer!”, and gives no choice to erase the disc! and i erase it manually it keeps ejecting it and stuff…



Why not simply copy the first disc?


because it’s twice as slow?