So a certain sony product CD are prone to be framented in 52x drives?


(i got there from reading some of the threads here)

You’d think a CD could handle 52x, right? After all, they make drives that fast… but apparently that’s not in the Playstation black-disc spec. I tried playing GranTurismo on ePSXe, and it exploded right in the drive!
Shockingly, we all got hit with shards of CD (which were slowed down when they blew the faceplate off my CDROM drive), but the computer was fine, and the CDROM still works today, after dismantling it and removing all the shattered plastic.

and this as well:

(its not a sony PS disc though)

so has anybody ever had their vintage ps collection shattered this way? i’ve had 2 of my old PS disc from 10 years ago which i brought with me when i moved overseas and it was a year back when i had it spun for 2 minutes at 52x speed in a DVD DRIVE and they were fine and came back out without any damges, but then again, it was only for 2 mins (i was only testing them to see if they’re still readable) as these two are all that i have in my possession, i don’t have any more PS discs to do any further testing. so i was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before. thanks a lots!:disagree::flower:


This hasn’t happened to me personally, but it’s been known to happen on occasion. If there’s a small crack or flaw in the disc, spinning the disc at 10,000 RPM or more can shatter it.


That’s why drive makers have shied away from making 52x (10,000 rpm drives) the most they make is 48x read capacity which I think spin up @ 7200 rpm. The worst I’ve had is that nasty scratching noise when a disc gets unhindged from it’s holder & hits the top and or bottom of the drive assembly. Thankfully the laser is recessed enough to stay out of the way by design. Older design of Cd-rs tended to be very brittle… newer discs made today are less prone to this issue.


Somewhat related obstervation: burning at 52X is less of an issue as when you’re burning, the disc in the drive is likely fresh out of the pack and unlikely to be cracked. It’s the older discs that have seen some use/abuse which pose a potential hazard–hence drives that read slower than they write–unless poked in a magic way to ‘turbo read’.


[QUOTE=willmore;2517527]unless poked in a magic way to ‘turbo read’.[/QUOTE]

i once had a rented dvd with which i use vlc player (2 year old verison i burnt from cyber cafe because i couldn’t afford home internet) to play on my pc, when i put it in the combo drive and it started to play it spun so loud and seemingly fast i thought it was going to be disjointed from the drive hub so i took it out.
so i’d like to know if its actually possible for combo drives to go berserk at random intervals and spin disc at speeds far exceeding its spec limit by external influences such as a software programmed to spin the drice at 64x or by malfunctioning parts in the drive itself.

and thanks everyone for the generous help! thank you all!


I’ve had an audio CD explode in my drive before, with me though, the drive did NOT survive!