So, 812@832 is possible?

so, a liteon 812 can be hacked into 832 using patched firmwares from the later (or sony 700a)?

disadvantages of doing so?
advantages of doing so? will it be able to write dual-layer? speed benefits?

as currently i haven’t decided between 851 or 812 (price difference is 15 euro). so, if 812 can be made 832 and is stable and good, i’ll pay 15 euro more for it (instead of 110, as 832 is sold at 200 euro).

i didn’t search before, now i did, and found other threads on the same story of 812@832.

but remains: advantages and disadvantages…
is the hardware of both equal, and only firmware make the difference?
and are all 812 the same, or time of production make them different, accepting or refusing firmware hacks?**

this is because i got a video card a couple of months ago, thinking i can overclock it, and i found that the memory chips on are a slow model, that doesn’t support overclocking…

Yes, 812S is a good choice. Second, 832 is far to expensive right now in all aspect, mostly bacause if you compare the hardware, some say they are almost identical… :wink:
And some say there isn´t much difference between 851 and 812 either. Confuzed, you are not alone. But I should buy a 812 if I needed a new drive right now.

If you can wait, forget about 832, there are new nice Lite-On drives in the pipelineon. Some days ago SOHW1213S saw the light. Soon we will have 16X drives as well, hopefully supporting double layer (DL or +R9). :smiley:

Hmm, I see “code” posted at same time…

We think that the hardware is identical. Unlike video cards or processors, this “overclock” doesn’t strain the drive’s abilities in any way. As far as I know, there are no undesirable side effects. The only thing that is a concern right now is that VS03 is older than the US0N firmware, so when it comes to single-layer media, US0N has slightly more and better media support than VS03. Of course, when LiteOn releases a newer 832S firmware, this would probably change, so it’s not that big of a concern…

But anyway, any of those 3 drives are fine choices. I guess I’d shoot for the 812S (or the 832S, if you want to support this great company by helping them recoup costs)

My only concern would be if you are overclocking the drive to write at a higher speed (4_1S@8_1S) because we are not exactly sure on the laser quality/strength of each unit. Even so there are MANY people that have done the previous OC and I haven’t heard one person say they’ve had a drive die on them because of it.
But either way the point is moot since the OC will only allow 2.4x DL speed I doubt very much it would hurt the laser at all. As with any overclock though you do technically void the warranty so always be aware of that point. :iagree:

Oops, shoulda been more specific in my original post. :o This particular overclock, since it only involves laser refocusing and not faster burning, is, as Ssseth said, unlikely to cause problems because DL is only 2.4x. :slight_smile:


if i want to wait for 12x, then i’ll wait forever, as when 12 is out, i’ll wait for 16, then 24, then 35, then 52, then wait for 1X blue laser…

i’ve been waiting to update my 4x CDR since 1 year (till >40X is less than 50 euro, then less than 40 euro, then DVDRW came at 70 euro (benq))