Snow buddies

i tried to copy snow buddies.i use dvd decrypter,but that doesnt do the job.all i get is error.this movie has some anti -copy protection ,so you cant copy this program.what kind of program can i use to copy this movie.

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What dvd decryptor you tried using, dvd decryptor or dvdfab hd decryptor? dvdfab hd decryptor can do this movie. dvd decryptor is no longer updated and cannot handle the copy protections on that dvd.

To replace the burning portion of Dvd Decrypter, pick up ImgBurn.

Then the process looks like this:

Rip to HDD using DvdFab Hd Decrypter

Transcode with Dvd Shrink

Burn with ImgBurn.

Good luck and post back with your results!