SNIPER-ELITE backup copy

Hi all :bow:
I’ve just bought snipa elite on DVD which is protected with St@rforce v.
(09.2005) SHIT!!!
NowI need a backup copy or something to play without dvd or in one month t will gets fucked up.
I read about st@rforce copying tools and all about 1:1 copy with these russian litlle prog but didn’t understand anything…
Could some happy people give me some ways(complete with needed tools and so)to backup this game in making 1to1 copy.

For info I’ve one DVD player/writer on IDE : LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S.
thanx much 4 all :bigsmile:


just burned it and find the no cd file for it to play it
i bought the game too and the file work fine for me

is there a no cd???

by a st@rforce protected game??? it’s strange to me :confused:

yup lol chek near your house for the file

there is no crack for this game on the web

Tut Tut Tut :cop:

If you want to request cracks, do it somewhere else. This is a warez free forum. :cop:

SRY but I didn’t requested crack :a
I just asked how to make a playable backup of the game!!!