Sneak Preview not recording Main Movie

Well Hello again CDFREAKS,
I tried backing up JET LI (Fist of Legend and The Bone Collector) using the new Clonedvd Sneak Preview, but only the Audio part of the movie is indicated in the
Preview window. Now when reverting back to my register copy
of Clonedvd no such problems the whole Movie/Audio/Time is
shown correctly. Anyone using Sneak Preview encounter this

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Gigabyte Ga-8ihxp Motherboard
P4 2.4
Xp Pro + all Updates
Creative Titanium 4400
1/2 Gig Rambus Memory
SB 5.1 digital
Yamaha Yst-Msw5 Subwoofer
Yamaha M200sp Speakers
Liteon 811s
Liteon 401s (original)
Liteon 52x32x52 combo
Liteon 40x12x48 cd-Rewriter

Update… There’s certainly a bug in Sneak preview when backing
up some Region 2 Movies. As indicated above Bone collector/Fist
of Legend were two that i found.
No such problems with Blade 2 or Red Dragon.
Quality> only slight improvement over CloneDVD. Will stay with Clonedvd which i’m quite happy with for now.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Hi Ivanhoe,

interesting, I got this DVD today and CloneDVD 2 Sneak Preview was not able to show the first title in the title selection.

A deeper analysis using IFO Edit exposed a mastering error of this DVD in the program/chapter tables. These tables were ignored in previous CloneDVD versions, so the problem appeared first in the Sneak Preview.

The next version of CloneDVD will implement a fix to correct mastering errors in the program/chapter tables.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue.