Sneak Peak: LG RC797T Super Multi DVD/VHS Recoder

We received the new (2007 model) LG RC797T Super Multi DVD/VHS Recoder. Some information as follows:
Note: the LG RC787T has the same feature set without the VCR

MSRP: $349.95

PLUS :slight_smile:
Neat and clean looking in gloss black (silver band makes is look thinner than it is more like two thin units stacked )
Quality look and feel only 3 buttons exposed with door shut, no distacting Icons.
Impressive Picture Quality at XP, SP and LP modes
Decent quality EP (6 hour) mode
Digital Stereo ATSC/NTSC/“QAM clear” tuner
Favorite Cannel Memory
HDMI interface (1080i up-conversion) (I don’t have HDTV to test)
RAM compatable
DVD-RW can be initialize in VR or Video format
Record times of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 11 hours
Record up to 11 hours on one 4.7GB DVD
DVD+R DL (7:23 at LP quality rec times adjusted for DL)
DV link IEEE 1394 (for camcorder) and USB host (for flash drive music or photo).
IR blaster control cable
Time shift, Record & Play
Mark & Search
Auto and manual chapter markers
EZ VHS to DVD or DVD to VHS dubbing
Good quality 4 head Hi-Fi VCR
SQPB playback
EZ set up
Front door dims the display
Pause on front panel and remote
DVD door open/close and Tape eject on the remote
Nice zoom control up to 4x
30 second skip forward (CM Skip)
Quiet rear cooling fan (runs cool)
No need to update firmware
Blank DVD-RW included

MINUS :frowning:
Very sensitive to copy-protection (DVD, VHS even some cable TV channels)
No S-Video inputs
No Flex Record Mode
No DivX playback
No start with first title on the disc option
No CD or VCD recording
No auto clock setting
No last channel jump back
No known region hacks
Blank title shows in disc menu list
Picture quality at MLP 11 hours is very poor
Remote will control only 6 manufacturers TVs (not my TV)
Two buttons marked INPUT on the remote is confusing
IR blaster changes channels on cable box in timer record only.
Digital Tuner sets 81 analog and 46 digital channels from my cable service
Current selling price $270 - $300
No HDMI cable included

If your looking for a DVD VHS Recorder Combo give this a look.
Great for recording your VHS tapes to DVDs.
If you VCR is getting sick this unit will be great for you
Unlike some recorders this is also a full function player, with no negative issues with any media type,
except a few minor limitations with DVD+RW.
You will still need your cable box for many digital channels.
MLP 11 hours nearly useless.
Like other DVD-RAM Recoders has special edit, record and blayback features when using RAM discs.
Feature wise it is like some other DVD VCR combo recoders but may cost less


This is my first experence with an LG product other than a CD-RW drive, I am impressed so far.
EZ to learn interface and remote; Owner’s Manual better than most. Given a chance the unit could be a big seller.

Very sensitive to copy-protection (DVD, VHS even some cable box channels).
Unlike my other DVD Recorders this one will not record many cable channels even the SciFi channel. Using a Sima GoDVD CT-200 solved that problem. Oddly I dubbed two orgional movie tapes to DVD with no problem, yet origional DVD to Tape would not record.

[U]Media tested:[/U] [B](no coasters to date)[/B]
Sony [I](on recommended list)[/I]
Taiyo Yuden
[U]DVD-R (8cm)[/U]
Verbatim [I](on recommenede list)[/I]
Sony [I](on recommended list)[/I]
Taiyo Yuden
Verbatim I[/I]
Verbatim [I](on recommended list)[/I]
Panasonic I[/I]
TDK T120
Sony T160
[U]SD Card Using USB Host[/U]
Crucial SD 1GB and 2GB
Dane-Elec SDHC 4GB
Using IOGear GFR292SD card reader/writer

Scientific Atlanta Cable Box
Scientific Atlanta DVR
Direct analog cable TV
ReplayTV DVR
RCA DVD Player
Panasonic DVD Player
Toshiba VCR

[U]Screen Capture[/U]
MSI TV@nywhere

Super Multi DVD Recorders

LG’s RC797T Digital Tuner Super Multi DVD Recorder & VCR is a convenient combination unit incorporating an ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM tuner which utilizes LG’s powerful fifth-generation “VSB” technology. The Super Multi DVD recorder and VCR gives consumers the power to record a wide variety of sources onto any of the major blank DVD disc formats available in the market. The RC797T addresses the digital TV transition that is well underway in the U.S. by providing both digital and analog tuning, as well as output connections suitable for both standard-definition and high-definition TVs. LG’s Digital Tuner Super Multi DVD Recorder (model number DR787T), offering an identical feature set without the integrated Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), completes the new digital tuner recorder lineup.

Other Super Multi Recorders being introduced include two models featuring line-in and DV (1394) recording designed for capturing TV programming from digital cable and satellite set-top boxes or for saving home videos from digital camcorders via a DV (1394) input. The Super Multi DVD Recorder (DR700N) and Super Multi DVD Recorder & VCR (RC700N) both offer an integrated digital cable and satellite set-top box controller for convenient scheduled television recording with the most popular digital set-top boxes.

To enhance ease-of-use, all LG Super Multi recorders incorporate LG’s “Simple Link” technology, which allows users to control similarly equipped LG TV and AV products via convenient on-screen menus or directly from the product itself. The units are connected with a standard HDMI cable, and use the HDMI-CEC standard for direct control of equipped LG products. The Super Multi Recorders can record to all major blank video disc types, making the task of selecting the right blank media an easy one.

Further addressing the digital convergence trend, the digital tuner DVD recorders incorporate a USB Media Host port that can play MP3, WMA or JPEG music and photo files. And all the DVD/VCR recorder combos incorporate one-touch dubbing between DVD and VHS, allowing for an easy-to-use recording process for non copy-protected content between the two mediums.

Record Mode NTSC Resolution Average Bit rate

XP 1hour 720x480 7.5+ MPEG-2
SP 2hour 720x480 3.8+ MPEG-2
LP 4hour 352x480 1.7+ MPEG-2
EP 6hour 352x480 1.0+ MPEG-2
MLP 11hour 352x480 0.7+ MPEG-2

Nice feature, if you load a DVD+R DL or 8cm DVD the Record times are automatically adjusted.

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1788874]Very sensitive to copy-protection (DVD, VHS even some cable box channels).
Unlike my other DVD Recorders this one will not record many cable channels even the SciFi channel. Using a Sima GoDVD CT-200 solved that problem.[/QUOTE]

Hmph, got a good deal last week ($230) on the RC797TN as a first foray into non-PC based recording. Today, reading this review, I wonder if it was really such a good deal.

Under what circumstances does the copy-protection kick in? What if I’m just trying to record the analog output from my cable box?

I don’t have another $230 (or more!) to spend on a Sima CT-200, given how much they seem to be fetching on eBay…!

If there’s a FAQ about this copy-protection, please point me to it, thanks!