Snazzi, ADS, Panasonic AVI to Mpeg2,4

I’m way out of my league here on CDF’s, But! I need some input.
I have an extensive VHS collection of Movies, Docco’s and I want to capture it to my HD, several ways to get there, some cost more than others, but the big cost is time. If I capture to easyvcd, takes about 3 hrs to do 90-120 min tape.
I have been looking and there are two other options that are available, Snazzi* VideoMaker at a little less than $200. supposed to capture mpeg1,mpeg2, or mpeg4, but nowhere can I find out the conversion rate. ADS has a simular unit, again <$200. Then Panasonic has a unit out that plays VHS and converts it to mpeg1,2,4. on DVD-R or DVD-RAM and if you wanted, DVD to VHS. Costs are always important, but in this case,cost difference are small. One of the major problems for me is the quality from Panasonic, vs some unknown products.

If any one has any experience with any of these units, please post something, good, bad or indifferent. THX

Too bad, I don’t have any experience with any of these devices.

I do have some experience with the Pinnacle Moviebox though. This device costs about the same and can capture to MPEG1 and 2 as well. It connects to the PC through USB (2.0).

Quality? Not all that good: there are always some nasty scanlines in the picture. This issue may be resolved with new drivers or so, but for now I would advice against the device…

The Plextor ConvertX PX-M402U is a good alternative to those products you listed, and is not really expensive either. The quality of the real time compression is pretty good, especially in MPEG4 mode.

Click here for details.

Thx to both of you, being located in P.I., its very hard to get any selection of products. I was lucky to find the snazzi and its working quite well for me. Before I bought it tho, was using easyvcd and nero to burn. Now if I want to reburn, the CD won’t auto-play. Any suggestions as what I could do to reburn and have autoplay enabled? Using winDVD creator doesn’t give me this problem, but prior to it, I have that prob…

You can check out the quality of the Plextor PX-M402U by downloading small samples at the Plextor website: