Here we go again. Yesterday I did a bad thing and updated MS. Snagit was gone. After Many hours of research I found a post that said to uninstall 3 update kb’s and reinstall net 4.51. It worked. For other reasons I reinstalled win 7-64 (today) and cannot find the article.
I f anyone knows what I’m talking about, please clue me in. I’m trying to find the article in my backups but no joy. I swear it’s MS and the updates.


I did some searching but couldn’t find what you are looking for.

I did find these so you might take a look at them.
Some were from people having problems with software other than Snagit but they seemed they would apply.


Hi cholla.

I can’t even install Quick Time. Says I don’t have quicktime.msi. Clean install, no good.

I don’t believe it. I put Quick Time on a thumb drive, stuck it it the good old TP 600E, and it installed, no problem.


Went to the “Temp” folder and “Took Ownership” and it installed.
Good night.


As far as Snagit goes, I always thought installing in clean boot was just doing it from “Safe Mode”. Then I followed this…
and it installed like a dream.


I would only do a clean boot if I had no other choice .
My reason is I have Services set the way I want it .
I think a clean boot resets Services to default but I haven’t done one in a long time.
I run my OS in Selective startup full time anyway.

Since it worked for you I might use it sometime .

I suppose some non-MS service might run in Safe mode.
One difference is in Safe mode only the basic MS drivers are used.
A clean boot would use the drivers that are installed in normal operation.
Or that’s what I think is the main difference.

BTW The cholla cactus you posted looks like it is in Arizona as I believe I see some small saguaro cactii in the background.
The photos I posted elsewhere are the one in my backyard & in bloom. Unfortunately the blooming season is short.
I will have to look somewhere I have a photo of a large cholla (not mine).
Found it: