SN-S083B - circles on DVD+R-DL-media

Hi there,

today I bought a CnMemory-USB-drive containing a Samsung SN-S083B with the firmware version SB01. On my first burn attempt on a RICOHJPN-D01-67-double-layer-media (DVD+R) with 4x-speed, the burning started and continued for a while at 3x-speed, then finally changed to 4x-speed. Although the disc is ok (verifies ok on the burner and some other drives), it shows one visible circle on the side the burning takes place.

Is this circle something to be concerned about, esp. with this drive? I have already read here that these circles can be caused by the change in burning-speed during the burning-process, but I have never seen this with my other burners (LG, BENQ, PLEXTOR).

Thank you very much in advance and keep on rocking,

-:-), Jackie

P.S.: I used IMGBURN to burn a double-layer-image to perform this test.

The “circle” is probably due to the speed variation and possible write method used for the burn, nothing to worry about.

Thank you very much for the fast reply! I forgot to mention that I used IMGBURN with a double-layer-image to perform this test.

-:-), Jackie

You have also used the verify option in imgburn? Would be a good idea.

Also, in general, i would suggest to use Verbatim Dl media.

Hello there,

yep, used the verify option (I do this all the time) and it was 100% ok. The finalising at 99% took 2 minutes, which made me shiver, but ended without any error. Well, my old Plextor-DVD-Rom refused to read out the burned DVD (produces read-errors at 99%), but my LG-burner handles it well.

Up to now, I had no problems with these RICOHJPN-D01-67 on my LG-burner, although my old BENQ-1620 has some severe problems burning them. For sensitive data, I always use (as you recommended) Verbatim DL media.

I guess I will test some other brands (Verbatim, Sony) and burning speeds (3x for example) to decide whether to keep it or to return it.

-:-), Jackie

Which brand is your “RICOHJPN-D01-67” media?

It a german brand called “Intenso” - came extra-cheap in 10-pcs-packs some weeks ago -:slight_smile:

I know them very well since years.

To be honest with you, they always sell whats cheapest on the market under their brand name.


sounds true -:slight_smile: My delemma is that I got this USB-burner (which, no surprise, came also extra-cheap today) especially to burn these Intenso-Ricoh-discs… I felt some sort of relief when I saw the burner they used was a Samsung-brand, and that it got the newest FW dating Jan-09. I will retest the burning on these Intensos with 3x-speed from the beginning, using some different USB-ports for the power-supply (have the laptop in its docking-station right now) and I will see -:slight_smile: 3x-speed is something I never encountered before though -:slight_smile:

Hi there,

I returned the burner to the store to get my money back, worked flawlessly, I am happy again -:slight_smile:

-:-), Estecado