SN-S082H prevents booting



I have purchased an SN-S082H as a replacement for an LG GWA 4040N installed in an eMachines M6811. After installation and boot, the drive was present in the list of devices, and he enclosed CD was read and I was able to launch the firmware updater from there. The firmware updater indicated up-to-date firmware.

Then I inserted a DVD+RW and the computer froze. Several attempts of rebooting were not successful, and the hard drive indicator did not light suggesting that boot sectors were not read. Booting in Safe Mode also was not successfula dn stopped after about 20 lines. I also tried bootable CDs and they were not read. Finally, I swapped my old defective drive back in and was able to boot again. Are there any specific instructions that can prevent interference of this drive with computer booting and operations?



running any firmware related utility from a CD inserted in the drive that shall be updated isn’t a good idea at all.

The SN-S082H comes in two flavours, depending on the Cable Select settings, which require different firmware versions (SB0x or SH0x).

Please check device manager (in properties of IDE controller) how your old drive is recognized (Device 0 or Device 1). Do the same with your new unit.
Also tell us, what firmware version is present on the drive.



Thank you. I re-inserted the drive and it seems to work, though I got a BSOD after inserting a DVD+RW. This has happened only once though, and reminded me of issues when I used apps with DVD43 drivers. Keeping my fingers crossed that the drive works.