SN-S082H dos flash

Hello everyone,

first of all some infos about my system:
Laptop Toshiba SPA40
DVD Writer Model SN-S082H

this is my Problem:

My old CD-Rom doesn’t work properly any more. It is still able to boot from my recovery CD so i can use Dos, but won’t let me recover or boot from any Windows CD any more.

Windows is not installed yet.

I bought this new DVD Drive SN-S082H, but it won’t work because of the IDE #1 Error which is caused by Master/Slave problems.

Since i know about that, i just need to know if there is a way to flash the new firmware via Dos without using the new drive?

I tried to use Binflash, since i already have the new firmware (samsung_sn-s082h_sb00.bin) but that didn’t work.

Could I then, if flashing the new drive without it isn’t possible, take my new DVD-Drive to another Toshiba Notebook and flash it in Windows? Would these changes be saved somewhere on the Drive? (i can’t really imagine that, but didn’t read anything about it yet)

Thanks for answering my questions + for your support.


Welcome to the forum.
Binflash is for NEC/Optiarc drives only.

I’ll move this thread to the Samsung forum, where hopefully someone can help.

by the way: i also have an exe-file for flashing it in windows. so would it be possible to flash it on a different computer and then put the drive back into my own laptop?

Use a slimtype>HH ide adaptor.

u have a link for such a thing? i’m not sure if i actually found the correct one.

40pin to JAE50 adaptor, example.


but how would that work with my other laptop computer? i don’t have any desktop pc around…

I got the adapter and tried to flash the drive on a desktop pc but it didn’t work out…

If I want the drive to be jumpered as Slave afterwards, which IDE cable should I use for the flashing process? Master or Slave?

And, the converter gives me the chance to jumper the drive to csel, master, slave…

Any ideas?

What does it mean “but it didn’t work out”??
What happend? Did you get any error messages?


I guess we should continue that on the firmware page, instead of doing it parallel in different forums :wink:

OLD Version: SB00
New Version: SB00

This will newer work, because the firmware is still the same!

I´ve uploaded SH00 for the SN-S082H to my site
You´ll find it in the TempRPC1 folder.

You need to start SFDNWIN with the [B]-nocheck[/B] parameter this time!


Hello from a newbie here!

I wanted to upgrade an old Toshiba Satellite 2410-303 (memory, HDD and dvd burner); everything was ok until i changed the burner;

i’ve been searching for days a solution for that new dvd burner which shows “ide 1 error” at startup and does not see the burner as windows xp starts;

curiously after a “power stand-by” (i dont know the english word, sorry) at wake up of the laptop, i see the burner and I can use it! still after rebooting, it is not present anymore until the pc stands by and i wake it up… :rolleyes:

i tried entering the bios of the satellite but no option seems to be appliable for this problem; i flashed the bios of both laptop & burner (with official bioses) and it does not change anything.

is there a restriction from Toshiba with some burners or is my burner too recent?

could someone help me, please?


Welcome to cdfreaks [I]therion666.[/I] :slight_smile:

Reason why windoze after a herbinate is able to “wake up” you burner is simple, this because windoze after that phase IS able to do this no matter what type of burner you install in your lappy.

But to be able to get burner up and running at start up, the IDE mode must be as per definition in windoze (and/or BIOS) boot strap.
Basically this is an IDE mode error, not at all related to windoze. Use search to learn more about this type of slim drives IDE modes on your lappy. :wink: