SN-S082DSS03 trying to update firmware

I am trying to update the firmware to the SH03(CSEL=High) so I can install in Toshiba P105 S6115 laptop but the firmware flash tool will not cooperate is there another way?

If the flasher doesn’t allow you to select the drive then its either wrongly connected or the update is not for this drive.

Where and how did you install the drive?

Thanks for the responses. The Chef was correct in stating that the update was not for that drive at least in its current configuration it seems the drive was either shipped with csel=high to some vendors and csel=low to others and I was attempting to make it work differently than originally intended. It first appeared that the hdd and the optical drive were both trying to be the master on ide 0 because of the way the drive behaved it was taxing the cpu and playing as if in PIO mode vs. ultraDMA. At some point in the process the problem self corrected and the master/slave problem resolved and the S082 stayed in ultraDMA 5 with no problems. Thanks again for the assistance I learned a lot from just reading the posts on this forum.