SN-S082D locks up on Toshiba Tecra

Hello, I’m new here, however by the posts I’ve read here, there are many smart folks. I hope someone can help me with my Samsung sn-s082d problem. I just purchased this drive and installed it while the laptop was on. XP recognized it immediately and I was truly impressed. I restarted the laptop and the green light on the new DVD stayed on after a few flickers at startup. The drive seemed to lock up and would not respond to anything. I learned later that if I unplug the drive and re-insert it, the drive would again be recognized and XP would setup the driver again. I went into the device manager and noticed the secondary IDE channel within the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller was set to PIO and not DMA. I don’t know what this means exactly and so I thought I would ask the pro’s here. I have guesses that perhaps it’s firmware related, or possibly this must somehow be setup as a slave? Could someone please help me understand this and perhaps lay some bread crumbs on how to fix this? I’d truly appreciate it.

Thanks :confused:

Here are some about the DVD

SN-S0820 / BEBN F/W= SS03
H/W: A Ver. D Sept 2006

“installed it while the laptop was on” - are you serious?
Never try this.

The drive has to have the right firmware depending on the connection/setup.

You would not be in PIO mode with this drive but in Ultra DMA 2 mode. It is possible that some errors occurs after the hot plugin of the drive (never do it that way). Take a look at this page to switch from PIO to DMA mode.