SN-S082D - doesn't work with 16x media?

SN-S082D This is an 8x dvd+r dvd-r slim burner (for a notebook)

I have tried about 50 times to burn using 16x dvd-r media (three different brands) and I ALWAYS get errors, whether burning data or a dvd.

When I use 8x dvd+r media (i’ve tried Maxell and Staples) I get a perfect burn with NO ERRORS.

I have tried upgrading the firmware for the drive, but this seems to have no effect. Has anyone here been able to burn successfully with this drive and 16x media?

Hopefully you won’t suggest that I try a different brand, as I have tried several, and none of the 16x brands worked with my drive, so I know that can’t be the problem, especially since the cheapest 8x Staples brand works just fine.

The reason I would like to burn using 16x media is because I now have a lot of it leftover, and 8x media is hard to find at a good price.

Thanks for your help :bow:

What firmware do you actually use and what version have you tried to upgrade with.

Latest firmware for SN-S82D seems to be SS03.

What’s the brand of the 16x dvd-r media you have used.

It would help if you could post mediacodes from the disc.

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I have tried all the available firmware including SS02 and SS03

16x media I have tried: Memorex and Ridata

Thank You.

Could you post the mediacodes of the disc. Some media are more difficult to handle for burner than others.

Use Nero CD/DVD Speed to retrieve mediacode and post result.

Thanks for your help! I downloade and ran NERO CDSpeed and ran it on the two 16x dvd-rs I have left:

MEMOREX 16x DVD-R - purchased at Staples

RiDATA 16x DVD-R - purchased on Amazon

As you can see, both media have the same mediacode RitekF1.

Your firmware do support theese media, as you can burn at 8x, but RitekF1 seems to be a bad choice for your burner.

I would try with Verbatim 16x media. Especially the 16x dvd+r media, give good result with many burners.

I just bought a pack of 50 Magnavox DVD+R rated 1-16x, and they WORK GREAT with my burner!

Could someone explain what the difference between an 8x, 16x, and 1x-16x disc is?

Thanks for all the help!