Smooth printable surface texture?



My first batch of printable CDR’s was Memorex which had a very smooth matte finish printable surface that I liked. My next purchase, which I didn’t like, was some HP printables that had a rough texture that almost felt like a paper label. The Memorex were by Ritek and the HP by CMC. From what I gather here, the Ritek isn’t looked kindly on as far as long-term quality. Any suggestions of smooth surface printables that are high(er) quality media? Can somebody confirm what I read elsewhere that the TY have the rough texture?


I think (but am not sure) that Ritek cdr is ok discs. It’s only certain DVDR’s that fail badly. TY white/silver printable cdr is a bit rough. Watershield printable is clean blank with a little strange finish. Good discs though :slight_smile:


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TY WaterShield is a smooth gloss surface and Imation/Memorex AquaGuard is a smooth matte.


The TY white hub-printable is very smooth, silver is a little rough. TY Watershield is as smooth as glass.


The roughness of a printable disc is for “wicking” so it can absorb the ink i believe.