Smilies don't work for me

I can’t get the animated smilies to work. They show up but they do not animate. Flyingdutchman suggested it was my firewall, so i checked the privacy tab, and ad blocking, and turned off the setting to block animated ads.

Still didn’t help. I have flash installed and everything. They worked fine up to about a week ago. Any ideas?

Also, disable smilies in this post is unchecked.

It is a Windows setting somewhere.

You can set the option to play animated pictures only once, or infinite, I think you have set it to ‘Play once’

(this has been discussed in the past also, perhaps you can search for this post)

well my search for smilies turned up 4 pages. The ones in english didn’t help, and i could read the ones in dutch. Searching for animated smilies gave me this thread:)

In your Web browser goto “Tools” then “Internet Options” then click the “Advanced” tab, scroll down to the “Multimedia” section and check the “Play Animations in web pages”

already did that, i know how to use google;). Like i said, i can see the smilies but they do not move.

Have you tried totally disabling your firewall and reloading the page, to see if it is your firewall doing it?
Is it just this site or all sites?

i am testing it now.:bow:

Nope, that didn’t work.

Its only the smilies here. I can sit there and watch gifs and other animated things on other sites all day.

Then I don’t know what is wrong on your end, because this isn’t an individual setting of this forum and the smilies work for me…

Do you have an ad blocker running?
Try right clicking one of the animated icons and save it, then right click the picture you saved and open with internet explorer. Is it animated?
Beyond that I have no idea, sorry

ok i found the culprit. It was my ad blocker. Pop-up stopper. I guess its time for a new one, cuz there aren’t many options to configure in it. Any suggestions on a new one?:bow:

(yay my smilies work)

I use the default ad blocking in Nortons and a proggy called Ad-Shield, it intergrates into your browser and is very good for blocking ads on sites you visit on a regular basis. Its as simple as right clicking the ad and clicking “add to block list”.
You can get it from

ok thanks for the help.

opera has an option to disable unrequested popups.

mozilla does too.

why run two programs when changing one solves the problem :wink:

hmm, i am downloading mozilla now and will test it out to see if i like it. If not, i’ll try opera and if i don’t like it, i guess i keep using ie6

I’m using “Pop-Up Stopper” and it causes no problems with the forums. Make sure you have cookies allowed for this site.

i do have cookies enabled. Oh well, after disabling pop-up stopper, smilies work fine. I am currently searching for alternate means of browsing the net.

In options-preferences, you can ad CDFreaks as a site to accept pop-ups from.

hmmm. maybe i was using an out dated version because the one i had the the options play sound when a pop-up is stopped. Flash tray icon wehn pop-up is stopped. And enable aggressive pop-up contro. The last option wasn’t enabled. Maybe i get the newest verison tonight. Couldn’t tell you the version i was using because i already uninstalled it.

Pop-Up Stopper Companion version 3.0.

downloaded and installed. Question though, will it still block popups if you don’t display the toolbar?

nevermine, i found the audo hide feature