Smile and welcome to LA, your on the MPAA pirate cam



I just posted the article Smile and welcome to LA, your on the MPAA pirate cam.

 In  the never ending Jihad against the evils of movie piracy and it's devastating  effect on profit, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has donated funds for a high tech,...
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Plz read the first article on the subject. What I dont get is where the h_ll they found a $18,600 sticker price camera. if thats for real just imaging its resolution and capabilities. Dont get me get paranoid, but it is only a beginning of the larger picture. Notice, they said “network”, so they can add as many cams as they need. And so you can pick anybody, close up on him, track him all over the city, learn his habbits, schedule, card numbers and passwords, his signature… And all this without any paperwork or having to report to anybody. Simply, you become not convenient to the state- and you are a target and a victim in a few joystick clicks. Wake up guys, it Is happening. If it wasnt, why couldnt they send that survailance bloke to do the actual arrests? I mean if it all was against bootleggers.:X FidelC


“The MPAA donated an impressive $186,000 from their dwindling reserves to help pay for the hardware.” Dwindling reserves my ass. :r


Surely you noted the sacasm in that article?




“That industry is the lifeblood of this city,” Bratton told reporters. “If it goes, we go. It’s that clear.” Frankly, I don’t think LA residents can have it made any clearer for them, the Roz work for the movie industry and screw you taxpayers…(and I thought indonesian coppers were bent…sheeeesh)… :X


wouldn’t be surpriesd if they steal the cameras and put them up for sale too. :B


So what exactly are these cameras supposed to do? People selling bootleg DVD’s got pretty good about hiding their merchendise, and are pretty well informed when it comes to ‘their safety’. All these cameras will do is change the location of all of the bootleg stuff. I hope MPAA doesn’t think that people are just gonna be selling and buying DVD’s right under their camera, but then again if you do it right under, you might not be seen. People adapt to the surroundings, all i gotta do now is walk a block further to where there is no camera’s. Very smart, what are you gonna do MPAA, put a camera on EVERY street in L.A. ??


First I gotta apologise to you guys as that article was written in a very sarcastic manner and I need to stay neutral with these reports and bitch down here instead. But this one just irks me to the bone! To me this is much to do about nothing other than get the local authorities to FOCUS on MPAA troubles and forget other tasks. Its payola. These cops KNOW where the crooks are as they are setting up cameras. They are just busy or have more important priorities. Solution? Set em up with some fancy computers and new terminals and thanks to the press hungry chief they already are willing to dedicate a man to watch the monitors. Pretty cheap security if you ask me! :frowning: Meanwhile gangs run the streets peddling terror and drugs. This is an insult to the taxpayers of that great city. I agree with sherrif 100 percent! Well said.
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Tax payers money being used to battle the wars of the entertainment industry is somthing that has always pissed me off. Its like here in the uk we have the trading standards prosecuting and investigating for the likes of sony,namco,electronic arts but using taxpayers money to do so and huge ammounts of our money at that. Its so wrong and it does need to be looked into because it takes no genius to figure that these companies can fund their own little wars but if our governments are foolish enough to pay for it then they aint going to argue. Im sorry but copyright fraud is a business crime and should not be being dealt with by any public authority or funded with any public money,it should be dealt with privately and funded by those companies who wish to persue it.
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For anyone who actually lives in LA like I do, this is clearly a case of the MPAA causing an unintended, beneficial side effect. The area in question is a warren of unkempt storefronts and abandoned back alleys. There is enough pedestrian traffic during the day from the hispanic immigrant community to keep the bad elements at bay, but at night the massive LA skid row expands into the void and reclaims the area. The LAPD actually refused to move their headquarters closer to the area out of concern for the safety of their own civilian office personnel. So I’ll take the MPAA’s money and run here. It’s not as if a sworn officer will simply ignore egregious crimes on the monitors if they happen to pick them up.


Amazing. The MPAA has to be the shallowest entity in the world. Because of their pirate paranoia, everyone is getting a piece of the pie. The L.A.P.D. are some of the shaddiest charaters in the business. They have a knack for blackmail and extortion. They just got these fools at the MPAA to pay for a camera system in one of the most crime ridden parts of the city? Bravo…
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I wouldnt be too worried about the cameras anyway… Here in New York, the NYPD is going to install cameras in some of the busiest locations of the city also… The catch is that they are not going to be monitored, instead they are going to record the video and go back to it when someone reports a crime… For LAPD, this is a win win situation as they are getting financial help with the bill in installing these cameras… What the MPAA doesnt realize is that LAPD is not going to pay cops to look at a video monitor and call the troops when they spot CD/DVD counterfeiters selling their product… Instead they will either do the same as in NY and record the video or look out for other crimes as well… Besides, the cameras will take their initial bite on crime early, and the criminals will set up camp somewhere else once they learn the cameras are there…


The cameras will be valdalized or stolen outright. People will squirt sticky, opaque liquids lon the lens, then the camera will see nothing. What a joke.


just scan the frequency the cameras are sending footage back on and build a a scrambler that would be way cooooooool


““There is enough pedestrian traffic during the day from the hispanic immigrant community to keep the bad elements at bay, but at night the massive LA skid row expands into the void and reclaims the area”” You are republican, aren’t you?..or just racist? The rest are clean saints? Sure the MPAA doesn’t “steal anything”, and if they do, are they hispanic too? :r


I’m not a racist, but you must be illiterate and ignorant. Have you ever even been in LA? For four years I passed through the neighborhood in question every day. It’s a simple fact that the stores in that area are patronized by an overwhelmingly hispanic demographic. Not to mention the fact that nothing I said reflects poorly upon hispanics or any other ethnic group. Lesson #1: Don’t go shooting your mouth off regarding topics you know nothing about. Lesson #2: Go to and buy a copy of ‘Reading Comprehension for Dummies’.


People will go else where LMAO … How nuts now I hear about camera’s in downtown LA as if their never was any right? so catch the pirates let the rapest go how much man power & money do they think thats going to cost??? alot more then their lossing not only will they be lossing alot they will be paying more out LOL squirt DRE i’m on the building you got the cd’s hehehe…