SMH-165H6S Won't Burn At All "Drive not Ready" error, please help

I just got a brand new SMH-165H6S. I installed the drive as a slave. Installed Nero 6.6 that came with it. Updated Nero.

Then I updated to the HS0D firmware. When I upgraded the firmware it did change the version but told me “Unable to update firmware - please contact vendor” when it was done. I later tried updateing to HV96WIN firmware, I got the same error but it now saies it is on that firmware and won’t let me go back to HS0D.

When I try to burn a CD or DvD in nero (have tried 2 diffrent versions), I get a “Drive no ready” notice and then “burn has failed”. Even windows built in CD burning fails.

I am really frustrated, can anyone help? Is the firmware the problem? Should I make the device a secondary master? Is there a way to clear our the firmware and rebun the early version?