Smelly blank media



Found this article which has been presented as fact, what do you think?

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) is celebrating after successfully training two sniffer dogs, Lucky and Flo, to locate DVDs. The two black Labradors were part of a project supported by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Eight months after their training commenced, the dogs can now successfully locate DVDs amongst other cargo items. The dogs passed a test at FedEx’s UK hub at Stansted Airport where they were successful in identifying packages and parcels containing DVDs.

However, since legitimate pressed DVDs smell pretty much the same as counterfeit DVDs, the DVDs the dogs successfully located were in fact legitimate. In total the dogs identified three packages, which customs officers then opened. Despite the failure of the dogs to locate a single counterfeit DVD, FACT is claiming the initiative as a great success. Usually dogs are used only to find explosive substances or drugs.

“This is the first time dogs have been used anywhere in the world to search for counterfeit DVDs and the results were amazing,” said FACT director general Raymond Leinster. “With the cooperation and assistance of FedEx and Customs we were able to properly test the dogs in a real life situation and prove that they can work in a busy airport environment.” Mary Callahan of the MPAA also praised the dogs. “Lucky and Flo’s immediate success in locating DVDs in transit offers us a new and highly effective means of detection for counterfeit discs.” she said.

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As someone posted in the LR, it’d be nice if those dogs could be trained to sniff out fake TY and MCC :bigsmile:


So then, the dogs FAILED to detect counterfeit products. :clap:

Yes, amazingly unsuccessful!! :doh:

I may be totally wrong here but dogs that can detect DVD’s in parcells ain’t gonna do Jack Sh*t to detect counterfeit products unless FedEx et al decide to open all parcells containing DVDs.

Talk about contradicting yourself! The MPAA must’ve been watching too much Little Britain (a pirate copy no doubt).

“Yer but no but yer but no but we’ve got these dogs see and theyre really good at finding fake DVDs, but they didn’t find any but they would have if Bianca Presley hadn’t farted near one of 'em and put it off the scent cos theyre like super dogs right and we’re gona use 'em to catch loads of really bad people who’s favorite hobby is burning fake films then FedExing them back to themselves and it’s gonna be wicked!” :bigsmile: :smiley: :bigsmile:


ROTFL :bigsmile:


LOL! :bigsmile: :iagree:

But it’d take a lot more than just two dogs to sniff out all the fake media available. Maybe the drug-sniffing dogs could be trained to do this whenever they have to go into rehab after sniffing just a little too much drugs? :stuck_out_tongue:


The article is wrong in saying legit DVDs smell the same. Not true at all. Remember those spindles of 100 RITEKs that smelled like piss you can smell a mile away. Now my movie collection is all legit and I can tell you that they do not smell anything.

Personally I must say that I LOVE smelling blank media they should hire me instead :smiley:

My favourite media to sniff is Taiyo Yuden - Nothing like the addictive scent of a freshly opened spindle of 100 Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs those smell the best… Open up the cake box and take a long sniff :smiley:


Despite that the dogs didn’t locate any counterfeit DVDs, they go ahead and say all that. Do they listen to the words that are coming out of their mouth? … in their head they must go like what the hell am I saying :confused:

I guess that’s what they get pay to do :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread stinks

j/k :flower:


Yeah, BIG TIME LOL :slight_smile:


[B]Interesting Piont[/B] :iagree:
As a simple experiment did anyone ever compare the smell of fake and legit TY ?

(Without the need of dogs)


Oh God, I foresee another disc sniffing epidemic…:bigsmile:


Which media code did they have? I wonder what the guys in the factory do all day…

Hmm… I have a cold and can’t smell anything.


ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:


…and then you start to feel good about yourself, real good. Another whiff or two later and you get these groovy thoughts. You feel free, light, absolutely happy, confident. A half hour later, you find yourself sitting with your back to the wall, with a splitting headache. You start going around with a glazed expression. Pretty soon you find the only time you feel even decent about yourself is when you’ve had a whiff of those brand new TYs. Ahhh, now THAT’S (no pun intended) what real life is about! You can’t live without them, you have to have them, those lovely TYs. “Don’t you understand I tell you??! I need those TYs!! I NEED them!!!”

It’s no wonder TYs sell so well… :wink:

… ok on a slightly less psychotic note…

What disturbs me about the original article is that what constitutes “counterfeit DVDs” is never clearly defined. Do they mean counterfeit pressed DVDs (which should smell the same as all other pressed DVDs) or are they actually referring to DVD recordable media? If it’s the latter then you know what everyone should do? On a certain agreed upon date, everyone should take a couple of coasters and have 'em sent by Fed Ex to somewhere, anywhere. Deliberately write “discs” on the customs declaration forms, then cancel out the word and replace it with something else like “table mats”. That should get their attention.

With the volume of discs being sent, those dogs are going to be barking at every package. You might even say that Fed Ex’s sorting and clearing areas are going to be “going to the dogs” that day :slight_smile: The handlers are going to get pretty sick of having to open every package and check every disc to see if it contains pirated material. Pretty soon, the slow down will become unacceptable and Fed Ex will have to either call the whole idea off, or else face the wrath of their customers when they can’t make deliveries on time.


ROTFL, brilliant :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


Heard between TV shows at 8:30 PM: "Good evening, this is Hugh G. Rekshun, you’ve heard about sniffing glue, the ‘pass-out’ game, and auto-erotic asphyxiation, tune in for News at 11 on Channel 10 to find out about the newest craze that’s KILLING OUR KIDS!!!
Repeats at 9, 9:30, 10, and 10:30 with increasingly horrific dead kids video in the background. At 11PM on the dot: “Good evening everyone, tonight, we expose the newest phenomenon KILLING OUR KIDS!!!, this is Hugh G Rekshun, now over to you Debbie.” 29 minutes of inane not-so-news follows. 11:29PM: “This is Ima Duncel at the Don’t-Get-Your-Floppy-Near-My Magnet Middle School”. Many 13 year-olds with laptops, LAN partying in the background. “Hugh, these kids have been sniffing these DVDs all night and just look at the results”. Background shows a half dozen boys shrieking as they Zerg-rush and overwhelm their classmates while never moving from their seats. “Hugh, I understand that the effect is magnified when the DVDs are burned.” Cut to previously taped interview with middle schooler, proudly displaying a shiny disc with Sharpie markings all over one side, “Well, sure Ima, all of the enjoyment comes from burnin’ ‘em, then usin’ 'em. They’re no good if you just leave 'em alone” (winks, sniffs, then runs off). Ima: “Sure looks like a bunch of freaks to me; back to you, Hugh”. Hugh: “Yes, Ima DVDFreaks, good night, and be careful.” :wink:


This gives a whole new meaning to what being a CDFreak is all about! :eek: :bigsmile:


I just knew this thread was gonna end up like this :bigsmile:


Smelly DVDs? Okay so if we don’t use Riteks we will all be fine. :lol:


A particular batch of Maxell DVD+R 4x and 8x (RITREKR02/R03) I remember back when I used them they smelled like piss, litteraly, it was absolutely horrible - to me they must have kept those cake boxes locked up on a warehouse with dogs and other rodents it’s impossible !

As to having cold, too bad you don’t know what you’re missing. Every time I order my new batch online I anxiously await it to get an initial sniff - I mean at this rate I think I have developed a gift, I can tell media codes now by sniffing the cakebox, I kid you not :D:D:D

At this rate I guess they’ll have to start a Media Sniffers Anonymous program!