Smash Head Against Iso File

All i want to do is burn an iso file onto a disc. Then use it. Thats all. Not much to ask. is it?

I use Nero (OK demo version but still fackin works)

I have an ISO file which has an ISO image for the icon so it is an ISO file. I burn the file to a good new disc with ample space, the burn process takes about 15 minutes so it seems to be working.

‘Burn complete’ says Nero,

‘hoo-frickin-ray’ says me.

I go to use or view files on disc and there is nothing. I even managed to copy something else onto the disc and its not even a re-writeable one.


What, why?

Any advice will be, well, just really helpful.



There is an option on the burn screen in Nero for “Simulation” & also for “finalize”. The first one should be clear & the second one checked.

For burning image files (ISO/Bin/Img etc) I use DVD Decrypter ( Get it and try.

thankyou I’ll give it a go, nice one.

Also make sure the destination drive is your burner and not the hard drive.

Nero for me had about 3 versions of ISO files.
I was using the Joliet, but it was truncating the file-names to about 97 characters.
I have now set it to ISO 9660:1999 and it seems to handle all the file name lengths I have.

I agree with the above suggestions; but if your disk is still blank after you have “burned” your iso, Nero is either in a simulation mode or you are sending the file to someplace other than your CD/DVD disk.

Just open Nero Buring ROM and click “cancel” to get a blank screen. Up at the top click on “Recorder” and use the first selection from the dropdown to choose your recorder. Now, click on “Recorder” again and choose “burn image” from the dropdown. Select the iso image you wish to burn.

Make sure you are in “write” mode on the burn tab that appears and burn your image. Everyone has preferences, but Nero has always worked for me.

Good luck.