SmartWrite.... how to reset/clear/remove DVD media?



hi Club MyCE members and Albert , as some of you know i have bought a Liteon IHAS324 B recently.

I burnt a Gamecube game and did a Scan all was great , after that i have used the official Liteon app [B]SMART-BURN.

[/B]I ran another Burn and Scan and noticed different results check them out below.

Are the differences something to worry about as in the PI error and PI failures ?

Also is it possible to reset/clear the SmartWrite memory and remove the DVD-R media im using to burn Gamecube on ?

If i had a choice id like to remove the DVD-R media and use the original stock settings.

chat soon


Hmm. Well, I see nothing wrong in either scan. I’m assuming the scan with 2x as many errors is the second disc; even that scan is pretty good and could be related to just media variability.

But to clear the learned media, I believe the EEPROM Utility allows a clear of learned media, if not the SmartWrite/SmartBurn utility…and, failing those, ImgBurn allows you to clear learned media, under Tools > Drive > Advanced Settings > LiteOn > Clear OPC history. (The location of this option might have changed in recent versions).

The drive only stores results for a handful of burns. At one point, it had 6 slots to learn DVD media. I don’t know if this has changed.


Albert does it again ! , great info mate i have made the changes as suggested and have achieved great results check below…

thanks again for your help