SmartRipper! and dvd2one!

Now that we heard the good news about encryption error with dvd2one as being resolved…can someone here post a little bit of info about smartripper. I have been using dvdecrptor.
Can some one tell where to get smartripper from? latest version?
and basic settings to be done before ripping the dvd…

Thanks much.

Yes can some one explain the process of using smart ripper to rip i.e what to do a guide would be a great help:-))
I have ripped with smart ripper but when I fire up DVD2One and come to highlight my movie with hoe many chapters there is nothing there but they are on my H/D:(

Not to sound rude or something, but there is a reason why most people say use dvd-decrypter. :wink:


I agree !! I have been using dvd-decryptor but I have been getting those encryption errors using decryptor. As someone found out, using SmartRipper (Check once for Key) they were able to get rid of the problem…and hence the request…
Anybody, know how to do get rid of that with Decryptor??


I just had the same problem today with Midway and ToraToraTora, been using dvddecryptor for quite sometime now and found there are some disks it has problems with. With Smartripper v2.41, seems to get through the tough disks ok.

Anybody, know how to do get rid of that with Decryptor??

Decryptor is still choice #1 for me.

SmartRipper v2.41:

I prefer DVd Decrypter because I always like to create an ISO image from my DVD’s amd mount them using Daemon Tools.

I have never had any encryption errors this way.

Originally posted by ReneB
Not to sound rude or something, but there is a reason why most people say use dvd-decrypter. :wink:

Not to sound rude or something, but there are also reasons why some people (me included) say use smartripper :wink:

Smartripper has not failed on me one single time - ever !
DVDdecrypter has failed on me alot of times - the cure has allways been to rerip using smartripper in backup mode.

I allways start my dvd2one projects by ripping the entire disc to harddrive using smartripper backup mode - and work from there. Never ever had one single problem this way.

I admit dvddecrypter might have a litle more features - and some of the times it failed on me may have had something to do with the person (me) that set it up (though I usually have a good idea of what Im doing) - but somehow I still have more trust in smartripper simply because in practical use smartripper has not failed me yet :slight_smile:

I have managed yo suss out how to smart rip and use DVD2One and the results are amazing.
I have a pre-release press of LORD OF THE RING’S TWO TOWERS and DVD decrypter could not rip it properly it kept chopping out a whole VOB the same one over and over but smart ripper ripped the whole and movie only to perfection.
The disc has no Region, no encrytion & no protection but does have AC3 6ch and DTS english along with sub’s in 4 other lang’s it also has extra’s.
I too prefer DVD Decrypter but I suppose I will have to keep Smart ripper in reserve from now on.:bow:

Whenever I’ve had failed reads or problems when using DVDDecrypter, I’ve gone to SmartRipper 2.41 in backup mode and it’s worked perfectly. It’s been habit to use DVDDecrypter and I like it, but as SmartRipper 2.41 always gets me out of trouble, I think I’ll change my habit.

@ its_me48,

You asked for information about SmartRipper v2.41. Below is a “Guide” that details the use of SmartRipper.


Thank You !!

So what are you guys saying is the fix?

You dont really have a clue why it happens do you?!

Well I’ve given it my best shot in the next version of my program. Ive made a couple of changes and basically, the ‘im encrypted flag’ that DVD2ONE seems to check for is now always zero’d out.
I cant see ANY reason why this new one should fail.

When I release it, please give it a go and let me know if the problem is still there, or if it has gone away.

As for the reading problems, there isnt much I can do about it if your drive just doesnt want to read a certain sector. SmartRipper might well carry on, but the fact of the matter is that hardware is hardware - if it cant read the sector, no software is going to make a difference. It just depends on whether or not it wants to tell you about it! As you probably all know, mine gives excellent error information when one occurs - if you choose to dismiss it then fine!

I’ll just add my .02 worth. I’v’e used Smartripper in all three modes for well over 250 backups, commercial & personal and have not had a problem that cleaning a disc didn’t fix.

I’ve read all the recomendations for DVDDecrypter and tried it once, then asked myself why?

Nothing against the decrypter, but Smartripper has done yeoman service for me!