Smartpro DX-DVDRW16

I installed windows and I’m fairly certain that windows just found a driver for this dvd-rom drive and installed it. The problem I am having is that when I put ANY cd or dvd into the drive, it doesn’t recognize it.

It just says “please insert a disk into drive E:” I’ve used this device before and it worked fine but now it’s crapping out. I’m fairly certain that it’s the drivers since I opened back up my computer and checked the wiring (Also, it wouldn’t show up in the device manager if it wasn’t hooked up properly) The front of the drive says to go to to download the latest drivers. I went there and got a utility called Liveupdate and Liveupdate recognized my DVD drive. When I tried updating through liveupdate it said I already had the latest drives available which is impossible since they are basic drives not even fresh off a disk.

From here I decided the best course of action would be to tear out my own hair then look for a solution online. So here I am and any help would be appreciated.