Smartbuy Dl Prodisc



Which fw does support these media ?

Smartbuy DL DVD+R


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The following info would be appreciated:

  • Brand and type of burner you’re using.
  • Mediacode of the Smartbuy DL media.


I used NEC 3540A
Smartbuy DL DVD+R Prodisc


first of all using any type of DL media except for Verbatim is a waste of time and it can be an expensive waste of time at that.


Given Prodisc’s reputation in the field of single layer media, I would strongly advice against buying Prodisc dual layer media. Producing good-quality DL media is a trick that only Mitsubishi (Verbatim) and to a lesser extent Ritek know.


see, prodisc media i have used when its really prodisc is great

but as to not know how well prodisc dl media is yet i connot say, but never is bad when ur the first to test something out

if i could get a single or 2 of them i would to test them out for everyone


BenQ DW1640 supports it :wink:

NEC? Nope.


Unfortunately as we all know too well,“supporting” it and making quality discs on it are not necessarily the same LOL.:iagree:

I would be curious to see some scans on it though if anyone has any or can point me in the right direction out of curiousity.



Are they supported by Phillips 1628BB ???

Where can i find the list or something …