SmartBurn v3.1.16t (Test Version)

Well, these are exciting times for LiteOn 5S/6S owners. :smiley:

Wind has just supplied us with the new test version of SmartBurn and test firmwares that support the new “Online HyperTuning” (temporary name), which is something similar to the BenQ WOPC. :slight_smile:

As you can see there is also a “Clear OPC History”, which I can only assume, clears the HT Data. The new test firmwares have some other goodies, which I’ll mention in the “Test Firmware Announcement” thread.

Download: SmartBurn v3.1.16t

Please note this is a Test version of SmartBurn and any issues with it should be posted here and should NOT be taken to LiteOn support.

Here’s what “Online HyperTuning” looks like using a RITEKF1 burned at 12x. I’m having an issue with DVD+R and OHT at the moment but this may just be my drive.

All this makes my 1635S (nee Philips SPD2400) for £20 seem like an absolute bargain.

Maybe this is not the right place for posting this. And maybe it has nothing to do with features in Smartburn. But this is what happend to me with Smurtburn option disabled.

The LS0W firmware does NOT support Hyper Tuning and Over Speeding. Perhaps that Sony 8D1 media is problematic.

Holy… it just gets better and better!

Might I ask… what exactly “Online Hypertuning” is and how it compares to just “Hypertuning”?


Online Hyper Tuning (similar to WOPC) recalibrates the laser power during the burn to achieve higher quality.
Hyper Tuning (similar to Solidburn) just selects the best write strategy for a specific media type.

I second that :iagree:

With all these cool features and tools and good burn quality as well, I think all LiteOn drives are a bargain at the moment. :smiley:

BTW, I love your new avatar. :wink:

online hyper-tuning is not available for my 1635. is there something i’m missing?

Hi :slight_smile:
Try first line, first post.
“Well, these are exciting times for LiteOn 5S/6S owners.”

The first test firmwares for the 5S drives don’t allow online HyperTuning, as it seems, since LV4C for the 16H5S didn’t have that checkbox enabled as an option as well. So perhaps only 6S with the “8” firmwares only have that option enabled for now.

hey zeb:
thnks for reply. not real familiar with lite-on line, but doesn’t my 1635s fall into this product category?

Well, isn’t the 163[B]5S[/B] a “5S” drive? :wink:

HT was introduced first for the 6S series, and subsequently for the 5S series… probably it will be the same with the [I]online HT[/I]…

EDIT: not one, but [B]two[/B] folks were faster than me… :doh: :stuck_out_tongue:



dou you have any infos on upcoming 16x5S firmwares supporting OHT?
(something like Y/LV8D?!)

Hi :slight_smile:
I was unforunately seeing things. :doh: H5S/H6S which the H is clearly not mentioned, so on those grounds. Yes your drive would fall into that category. :iagree:
BTW I found results unreadable using the test f/w LV4C. Hence my return to LSOW.

Not just laser power but also write strategy. :slight_smile:

Even the Hyper Tuning feature is not approved yet for 1635s official firmware, If you want your 1635s to have this feature, we can do that by test firmware, too. That’s only what I can do for now. :slight_smile:

Yes, please. 1635S test firmware with Online HyperTuning would be nice! :iagree:

SHW-16H5S !!! please