Smartburn use with Yuden000 T02 media?

I was tinkering with using SB and/or WOPC with some Yuden000 T02 that I like. I can’t decide whether to use them or not as the scans don’t show a LOT of difference when these 2 features are turned on and turned off, but it seems T02 burns better with WOPC ON/SB OFF. Maybe some more experienced minds can look at the following scans and provide some good advice as to how I should burn these. Right now I’m burning important data to these, but soon I’ll be backing up home movies as well. All media burned at 8X. All scans are in the order that the discs were burned. Thanks!


These first 5 discs were burned with WOPC ON/SB ON.

These next 3 were burned with WOPC OFF/SB OFF. EEPROM was cleared prior to these burns.


The last 3 discs were burned with WOPC ON/SB OFF. Thanks!

I think that if you have a good batch of TY, you don’t need SB or WOPC. Just disable both.
SB is rather for no-name media or sub-standard of known media. It can adjust to them and come up with decent but not exceptional results.

Well this is just my opinion.:wink: Like Sapa said if you are burning different types of media S/B is probably better. I only use TY YUDEN000 T02, TYG02, TYG03 and Verbatim MCC 004, so I turned SB/OS Off set supported disc to non activated default then removed QSuite. Then used ala42’s MCSE and swapped YUDEN000 T02 with YUDEN000 T03 strategy and flashed (burns excellent). One draw back is I can’t burn TYG02 @12x. Now if BenQ would give us an option of an overspeed FW like the 1620 FW, the user could decide if he/she wanted to use an overspeed FW or a Solid burn FW.:iagree:

if i follow your instructions, after flashing with the modified firmware, i’m assuming
SB (supported disc) = Not Activated
SB (un-known disc) = Activated
Overspeed = Disabled

so it’s like i never modified the options available with QSuite, or even installed QSuite for that matter
say Qsuite displays YUDEN000T02 in its “learned” media, i need to clear the list then??

I’ve found that things like heat (first burn is usually slightly better) and ambient vibration (jumping around playing guitar) affect burn quality more than SB or WOPC.

(at least when burning TY media)

If set Qsuite in the order you listed:
SB (supported disc) = Not Activated
SB (un-known disc) = Activated
Overspeed = Disabled. The drive will revert to stock FW which you would have changed To YUDEN000 T03 and it will allow you to write at 12 or 16x without Overspeed/Solid burn. If you remove Qsuite, the drive will remember the last settings. So you can either turn off OS/SB and leave QSuite as is or remove it. But if you remove Qsuite with everything enabled the drive will still use OS/SB from the dirve memory. Clear as mud right? :slight_smile:

Got it crossg, thanks
time to test more media