Smartburn Problem

Forumsters,i’m being messaged "Access violation at address
00407F47 in module’SMARTBURNv316.EXE’.Read of address 00A072E800407F47 in
module’"when i try to use the “Smartburn” utility with a LDW 811S.Can anyone help me?
Also, i’m running WIN2000.Regards.

That’s an ASPI problem. Since you’re using Windows 2000 which supports SPTI device access, you have no need for ASPI at all on your system. I’d recommend downloading ForceASPI and using the KillASPI.bat file inside to remove ASPI altogether from your system. This will cure your problem as long as you’re logged in as an admin user.

Downloaded ForceASPI and hit the KillASPI.Rebooted and tried Smartburn again.I was messaged"Access violation at address 00407C98 in module"Smartburn.Exe".Read of address 00BA72E8.Where if anywhere have i gone wrong?