Smartburn, hypertuning, that's nice but... what happened to KS0D?


i think what bichonn trying to telling the LiteON guys that some of the Drive’s FW is really out of date!! and require an update to its FW both performance and feature!!

Yes. :iagree:
I wish I saw something newer than KS0B too…

The 1693S is probably the Liteon drive that made many people trust into Liteon again. I wish Liteon keeps that it mind and treats this drive just Like Benq did with the 1620… Let the 1693S alive!!

its all nice to keep 1693s live and kicking but what LiteON recently made some kind of new checksum and lead to 5s/6s useless with OP :doh:

if they really bring out new FW on 1693s but like what happen with 5s/6s drive no OP to tweak the drive’s reading and lossless write strategy changing then i think people will still using KS0B :o

LO does make our king’s modding/patching’s life harder and harder.