SmartBurn Analyzer/CDSpeed issues

Hi all, I just bought a Cendyne Lightning IV, aka LTR-48126S. I upgraded the firmware to 52246S 6807 then 6808. I noticed with the original Cendyne firmware that Infotool wouldn’t recognize what type of CD-R was in the drive. It knew there was a CD-R there, however.

I downloaded Smartburn Analyzer, and whenever I click the analyze button, the text comes up with a red background and tells me everything is unknown. Smartburn is obviously working, because it wouldn’t let me burn past 40X on my 40X media, even as a 48X drive. Now with 48X media it lets me burn 52X.

Also, CD Speed only sees the blanks as 32:00:00 long, preventing me from testing the drive at the end of the discs. When it tries to create an audio cd, it tells me there is no disc in the drive, even though it sees it on the main page.

The drive burns and reads just fine, but I would like to be able to test it out. Any ideas?



EDIT: Sorry, forgot some important stuff: I’m running WinXP SP1.
Both CD types I have work fine with a Sony CRX-140E I have on another machine. Even Smartburn analyzer sees them.

Found out it was the Alcohol 120% Virtual SCSI Driver that was messing things up.