SmartBurn 3.5.1 question



Why does SmartBurn 3.3.2 have a disc erase function and SmartBurn 3.5.1 a power saving function as third tab?

And anyway, why does the LITEON web-site only offer some totally old SmartBurn Verison from 2006???

What’s all this nonsense?


The disc erase program is only compatible with the new iHAS/iHAP 322/422 drives that have just come to market.


I see, so the erase function is NOT working exclusively with the NERO software like said many times here and elsewhere. But on the other hand it does since LITEON deleted it again from the 3.5.1 software version. Thanks [B]jubjubbird[/B].

Also: I take back what I said above. LITEON DOES offer version 3.5.1 on the global english web-site. It was only the europe german site I couldn’t find a newer version. Sorry for the false info.

Another thing: The power new mode tab. How does this function work exactly/what does it do? Is there any deep info about it? And which drives support it?


I mean the new power mode tab of course. Not the “power new mode tab” :wink: :o


I believe the new tab is only for external slim drives that can get all their power from the USB ports of a given computer. It affects no other drives, to the best of my knowledge.


I see. Thanks for the info [B]Albert[/B]. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I started to test the drive and everything seems fine so far. This LITEON surprises me to be honest. I’m glad I bought it. :iagree: