SmartBlu Silver Lacquer Hub 25GB BD-R Stuck Together In Spindle




I’ve been using SmartBlu 25GB BD-R Media for six months and have been very happy with them.

Last night while preparing to burn a few BD-R discs, I grabbed my spindle of SmartBlu discs and to my surprise, two discs were stuck together.

I was able to safely separate them without scratching the discs.

However, I’ve noticed that the disc on the top has some non-removable residue stuck on its on it’s play/burn side. Should I toss this disc?

Has anyone else had a similar issue with SmartBlu media?



Non removable residue? I take it you’ve tried cleaning it with alcohol already.

You could take it to a dvd rental shop and get the bottom surface re-polished for a small fee, but it would cost more than what you paid for the disk originally.

I wouldn’t try to burn it without doing something to remove the residue. It is possible to polish a disk by hand if you have the right abrasives and a fair amount of patience, but it is a lot of trouble for one disk.

I personally haven’t seen any such residue or stuck together disks in my Smart-Blu BD-R spindles.



Thank you for the quick reply!

I haven’t tried to remove the residue yet.
To me the residue looks like a stain from a liquid spill and it covers about 1/4th of the disc.

The top layer of the disc that the flawed BD-R was stuck to has no damage or residue.

I do have a motorized disc repair/cleaning kit.
I’ll try my luck with that unit soon, and report my findings.

Don’t want to spend too much time on salvaging this disc, as it has a value of $1.00.



You’ve tried wiping it off with alcohol? It certainly is worth trying that and your cleaning kit. The Falcon hard-coat surface can take a lot of rubbing without any damage. Worth a try :). Never run across that problem in hundreds of the inkjet printables and a few of the labeled spindles.


Howdy Dean,

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to remove the stain/residue with some alcohol and a microfiber cloth, before digging my repair kit out of storage.

Though, I always thought alcohol was damaging to optical discs?



I wanted to add closure to this thread.

Last night I attempted to remove the residue from the Smart Blu disc. While polishing, I noticed that my microfiber cloth and lens cleaner alcohol/water solvent removed some residue from the disc. I allowed the disc to dry for 20 minutes and then attempted to burn some data.

IMGBurn reported a defect issue with the media and the burn failed at 5%.

I consider the issue with this disc to be a manufacturing defect.
Upon further inspection after the burn, I looked at the disc under a bright light and noticed that the stain I was trying to remove, was between the layers of the disc.

After burning 55 Smartblu Discs successfully, I can live with one defective disc in the bunch. I’d rather have the disc fail the burn process, than have it burn successfully only to become unreadable over time.

Thanks again to my fellow forum members, Kerry and Dean for their assistance!