Smart TV mayhem for Sony and Samsung users after central servers go down



We’ve just posted the following news: Smart TV mayhem for Sony and Samsung users after central servers go down[newsimage][/newsimage]

Because the Smart TV platforms of at least Sony and Samsung require a central server to properly function, both are down for hours already.

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After hours of chatting with Samsung (USA) trying to fix my TV and them telling me to contact my ISP, which I did, after a phone call last night they finally told me they are having a problem and it’s not my ISP. Would have been nice if they could have told me from the beginning and an email to customers would be nice too. Â They said they are hoping to get it resolved in 24 hours. HA!
They are a bunch of knuckleheads at Samsung. Support sucks…they give me troubleshooting that I can already look up on the website. They are useless.


My Sony and Samsung streaming players were all down for about 4 hours last night (EST). After that, they were fine.

Apparently this was a problem in Europe.

But, why would this affect so many people in North America? Checking on Sony’s website, there are thousands of posts within the past 12 hours about the problem from streaming users in North America.

My Sony and Samsung streamers were all down for about 4 hours last night (EST).

Some streaming sites did have information to the effect that an unknown problem was occurring. Refreshing the sites today, those notices are gone, thus the problem in North America must have been resolved.

I don’t understand how server upgrades in Europe could affect everyone in North America.

Thanks for having an article up quickly. Please update it as more information becomes available.

One GOOD thing from this is I discovered that none of my streamers will work for YouTube after April 2015 Now, I have time to decide if I want to continue to use YouTube, or just use the other services on my current devices. At least there will be no surprise when YouTube stops working in April.


TeriF said
"Samsung. Support sucks…they give me troubleshooting that I can already look up on the website. They are useless. "

Exactly the same “support” was happening with Sony, not only last night, but also during similar incidents such as in 2013. This is a modern disease. Maybe it could be called the “We know it all and we’re never wrong” disease. You see it on many sites, not only from know-nothing just trying to be helpful people positing comments that should be moderated out, but also from actual “support” people working for a number of companies.

Sometimes, it works like this: You post, how do I change the functionality of what the backspace key does on by browser to what it did in the previous version. The next 40 comments all say the same thing, that it can’t be done (even though it can). The 41st poster posts the solution. But (in this real case) you have to sort through 40 know-it-alls with too much time on their hands posting the same wrong information as the person in front of them.

SADLY, Sony “support” was wasting many people’s time last night by telling them to do all sorts of bizarre things with their modems and routers that would rarely have anything to do with this sort of problem. Samsung and Sony “support” in some cases uses people who simply REPEAT what’s already in troubleshooting on the sites.

Schools should teach students to never post a comment that is a repetition of dozens above above – in other words: READ AND THINK. And most importantly, never post an opinion as a fact. This is one reason why society is in the apathetic state it is in today.


@Someone12089 it has been sad to see how both companies have handled this indeed. The webcare support seems to be mainly interested in resetting devices and trying simple solutions, while in this case the end user could do nothing. Also the error message is so incredibly unclear that it has confused way more people than needed. This is really something they should improve. Support should know earlier that something is wrong and the error messages should be more clear.


Do any one have any idear when Samsung smart hub will be back on line


For those looking to get online with a little know how:
Create a DNS server (on a server or a NAS)
Add a zone:
Add an a-record to the zone:www
IP address for the record:
Add a forwarder for everything else to e.g.
Point your TV to your own DNS
Hey presto everything works again…


I live in the South East of the UK and have lost the internet connection on my ES5500 Smart TV. The connection has been lost for at least a day and I’m assuming its the Smart Hub server problem mentioned above. I have tried all the normal things (resetting/powering down etc) and the IP addresses shown on the TV look OK (I did try changing the DNS IP address to without success). I don’t think I am capable of creating a DNS server on my PC so I’m hoping the problem gets fixed soon. It’s disappointing the Samsung web site doesn’t have anything on it yet.


We live in the South West of UK .We’ve got a Samsung UE32EH5300, and have also lost internet connection on our TV. Used it early yesterday morning, in the evening-nothing. And nothing since then. Other half has tried allsorts, but as above, think its this server problem-but will try KMaru’s advice.
Let’s hope its gets sorted and fast!
Glad we havent wasted a phonecall to Samsung Support…booo hiss hiss


@Kmaru AWESOME!!! works like charm with Synology Diskstaion DNS Server


Same problem in the North East UK. Have been messing about for a couple of hours trying to resolve the problem while all other devices are working. Although I have 5 Samsung TV’s and devises in the house I am not sure the next one will be theirs. A simple message saying that they had connection problems would not have spoilt my evening. Very poor service.


Kmaru Solution works indeed !
Just add the zone to your DNS
zone “” {
    type master;
    file “temp/”;
    forwarders {;;

$TTL 3600 Â Â Â ; 1 hour       IN SOA (
                2004102708 ; serial
                21600    ; refresh (6 hours)
                900     ; retry (15 minutes)
                604800   ; expire (1 week)
                86400    ; minimum (1 day)
            NS    YOUR_LOCAL_DNS_IP
www           A


For those lacking in know how to create your own DNS, temporarily use as DNS in your TV.
This will work for maximum one month.



Now I can watch Netflix again in my TV.

Thank You Very Much…


great info KMaru. thanks a lot.

If you have a linux box or similar in your home network, it can be as simple as just one command:

dnsmasq --address=/

and then just configure in your tv “dns - manual” to linux box ip address



Thank you so much ! works as DNS in France, I confirm.


Samsung: total scum.

nothing but server updates and now this

totally useless.


I just hooked up one of our Playstations up to the Smart TV. I can watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon thru it without worrying about the connection.Â


I have a Samsung SmartTV and all the apps report “network interference” since Feb 24.

However, the built-in browser in the TV works fine and accesses news stories that happened since this outage started, so clearly this is neither an ISP provider issue nor a DNS issue nor an issue with my home network. It’s an issue with the Samsung apps.

The cleanest fix is to get a Roku box and ditch Samsung SmartTV.


KMaru спасибо
в России тоже работает :slight_smile: