Smart Read-ahead Cache with Windows Vista



I have used the Smart Read-ahead Cache feature of DVDIdlePro for many years now in XP with great success in order to keep the DVD-drive quiet when watching films.

I have now upgraded to a Vista Media Center PC and I would like to use the Smart Read-ahead Cache feature of DVDIdlePro with Windows Vista in order to keep the DVD-drive quiet.

I installed DVDIdlePro in Vista and an error was reported. (I can’t remember which error and I have since re-installed Vista).
I searched this forum for help and according to some of the threads in this forum, DVDIdlePro will not work with Windows Vista.
Also, according to, Vista is not a supported OS.

What I would like to know is:
1.Is there a way to get DVDIdlePro working with Vista?
2.If not, when will an updated version be available to run with Vista?
3.If no updates are planned, does DVDFab have the Smart Read-ahead Cache feature?
4.If not, does anyone know of a another program that will allow me to use Smart Read-ahead Cache.


I will try to answer your questions in order:

  1. There may be but I have no specific knowledge of how. Perhaps another user will post a solution.
  2. Realistically, probably never.
  3. DVDFab has a read ahead cache but is not an on-the-fly decrypter.
  4. I don’t, but you could always use DVDFab to copy the files to your (silent!) hard disc for quiet playback.
    I realize this is not what you will consider good news:( . Again, perhaps another IdlePro user will offer better suggestions, I just saw that your post had not received a response in almost a day and wanted to offer you something.


Thanks for your reply,

I think I will have another go at trying DVDIdlePro on Vista, and this time making a note of any errors that come up. :doh:

Also, I like your idea of copying to the hard drive using DVDFab. When I playback normal terrestrial TV that I have recorded onto the hard-drive, the machine is completly silent, so I imagine that it will be exactly the same for DVD’s.


Good luck! Please post back with results, success or failure, so other users can benefit from your experience. Hope you can get it to work.


Success. :slight_smile:
I have just done a clean install of Windows Vista with all the latest drivers for my hardware.
I then installed DVDIdlePro and it installed fine.
It now works subject to a few bugs.
Bug 1: I cannot get it to auto-start when Windows Media Center starts.
Bug 2: It will not work if it is running before a DVD is inserted.

However these bugs are easily overcome by using the following sequence:

  1. Insert DVD disc.
  2. If DVDIdlePro is ON, switch it OFF.
  3. Start DVDIdlePro.
  4. Start Windows Media Center.
  5. Play DVD.

Note: Just to avoid any potential mis-understanding, I am using Windows Media Center to watch DVD’s, not Windows Media Player.


Glad to hear it:clap: . I was afraid we had lost you!


As far as I know Nero, version 7850 & AnyDVD latest version are the only two they have compatibility with VISTA. For the particular function (Smart Read), you have to read the manual of Nero to find out.


Thanks for all the help and the links.

I have just had a look at and the very feature that I am looking for is here:

Quote: You can control the drive speed of your DVD drive, allowing you to reduce the noise level when watching movies on your PC.

I will download the trial version to see how it works with Vista and I will then report back here.


Good Luck and happy to see you finding possible answer to your question.