SMART problem

Hello everybody,

My laptop worked for about 5-6 years, but eventually in my HDD apear SMART problem.
After lot of scanning with HDD Regenerator and HD Tune Pro:
I found RAW problem. =(
Which in my opinion are actuall problem.

Raw Read Error Rate: Current 1 Worst 1 Threshold 51 Data 37439 Status Failed
Calibration Retry Count: Current 100 Worst 100 Threshold 0 Data 778 Status warning
Current Pending Sector: Current 100 Worst 100 Threshold 0 Data 20 Status warning

Raw or SMART problems can’t be solved with any software and only HDD replacing with another HDD are problem solution ???

It is right ???

Sorry cant add screenshots because of this: To be able to post links or images your post count must be 2 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. :a

Thank you.

P.S. Another funny situation happened when after 1st HDD crashing i changed crashed HDD with another HDD from another laptop. Have to say 2nd HDD worked well, but in his new laptop he worked just about for 2 weaks and crashed same way = SMART problem. . . (weird)
How it could happened ???

AVDRYZ, why not just post a “hello I am new, post # 2” then you could do the screen shot post for post number 3


Check the state of your hd with HD Sentinel …no other program can give you the same amount of info,and you even can backup your data with it!:bow: