Smart Optimus 400GB Enterprise SSD Review



We’ve just posted the following news Smart Optimus 400GB Enterprise SSD Review

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Smart Storage Systems Optimus SAS Enterprise SSD.

Smart differentiates the Optimus in two ways:

Firstly, and simply, they assert that it is the fastest SAS Enterprise SSD. We’ll look at this in our Performance Testing.

Secondly, they believe their proprietary Guardian Technology is a key differentiator from competitors’ solutions.

The Optimus proves to be an outstanding Enterprise SSS solution.

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In response to a request from a valued reader, here is the steady state convergence plot for the SNIA Throughput Test when performed in dual/wideport mode.

Regds, JR


Great review JR, I really like these Smart Optimus SSDs, even though they are not applicable for my needs, I admire their ability to keep going and going without losing any IOPS or transfer speeds. Really amazing if you think about it. I can see a whole server farm loaded with these SSDs and drooling looking at them.:bigsmile::wink:


very detailed and interesting review.
how on earth did you keep track of all that data?