Smart map pro '07

Hi all, my name’s Santi, from Spain. I’ve just joined you and liked to say hi. My interest is in copying the Alpine dvd smart map pro (program ver.Z4.00 for NVE-N099P, Euro Multi Map’07 with two dvd-roms) which I have bought just on yesterday and would like to have a backup copy. I guess there are some threads about the topic so I’m going to explore the site. Greetings.

Welcome Santi,

a good start is Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve been reading some threads and the main conclusion is that no a definite method for copying is available. However, it seems that DVD Decrypter is the app to use, am I correct? Yes, I have a mdf (and mds) image file -obtained with Alcohol 120%- from my disc (NVD Z004) but my attempt to burn it -with Alcohol- failed: navigator (NVE-N099P) informed ‘no data disc’. I tried both Verbatim DL -R and +R, so the only thing I feel I can do is to burn with DVD Decrypter, observing that the booktype is DVD-ROM, which seems to depend on the recorder (mine is HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-H55N, I think LiteOn). Anyway, hope to extract some help from the thread you advise me. Sorry if all this looks like too long. Greetings

Hi again, nothing to do with DVDDecrypter, at least as far as I know. Surprisingly, it seems that the dvd map is not copy protected, at least this is what, e.g. ClonyXX or ARay informed, so the only thing I can see is that I’m not able to do the right thing because I’m not able to write in booktype DVD-ROM; among the alternatives DVD Decrypter offers there’s not such a type of book (mine is a LG recorder, though I’ve been examining all tabs corresponding to different brands and I didn’t found one with dvd-rom booktype). Any suggestion? Greetings.

I found this via our search function using the keywords [I]h55m bitsetting[/I].

Thanks again for your interest. Ok, I’ve tried some alternatives though without exit. Your link shows me that my recorder is able to do bitsetting with DL discs +R and -R, however I’m not able to work with such an option. First, I should say that I’m a Mac user, so I usually work with Toast; this app is unable to show information about bitsetting, as far as I know. Anyway, I also work with XP SP3 through virtualization, so I downloaded a Nero trial (version 8); with this app I’m able to see the bitsetting option, although I can’t work with it (it’s disabled in my window app), maybe because this is a trial version. If someone is so kind as to inform me about this (trial version doesn’t allow to work with bitsetting) I’d greatly appreciate it. Greetings.

Hi again, I’ve known (Toast staff) that this app is unable to work with bitsetting, so Mac users (who use it) should forget to rip DVD-ROMs. Regarding Nero, I’m affraid the problem isn’t the trial version but virtualization, so I’ll try to burn on a Windows OS. Greetings.


I have try to burn the Z004 but also unfortunately do not work.

When I insert the DVD I can select the language but when the navigation system try to receive the data from the DVD I have an message (error) no data disc.

I have try with the Optiarc 7173S and ImageBurn. I have also try to select the Book Type to DVD-ROM but anyway there is an message error.

I will try also with Plextor

Anyone have succeed with this operation?