Smart grabber

Anyone know whether Hibrosoft, author of Smart Grabber, is still in business? I tried to get to their website just a few minutes ago and am not able to. If they are out of business, anyone know of any websites that have a the trial version of Smart Grabber? Most sites that purport to offer the D/L link to Hibrosoft and those links end up being dead.


I should also ask, are there other programs that are equivalent to SG and are still available?


plz elaborate on the basic function of smart grabber - so that we can comment about equivalent programs :wink:

Personally I would get wget (WackGet GUI), or webcopier for this.


Thanks for the link, unfortunately, they are requiring that I buy the program, I’d like to try it out first and I know that Hibrosoft allowed a free trial period at one time.

I tried Wget and it does not appear to be a similar program but does appear to be useful for other things. Thanks.

How about EAC? Or even CDEX?

I don’t have links, but they are both freeware rippers -> MP3 :slight_smile: