Smart&Friendly bankrupted!



I just posted the article Smart&Friendly bankrupted!.

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Smart&Friendly bankrupted!

Some weeks now we had reports about possible problems with Smart&Friednly and possible bank problems. This week their…

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Yeah right, had reports about SAF’s bank problems…
Hype as usual.
SAF did not produce any drives themselves. They were resellers for Ricoh, JVC, Yamaha, Panasonic-Matsushita, Sanyo, and maybe another dozen manufacturers.
So, SAF going bankrupt (if this is the case and they are not overtaken by CompUSA ) means little thing to the end user (SAF tech support was never that great anyway). It’s like the big store you bought your drive from going bankrupt; you just contact the original manufacturer for support.


Who carez, I prefer Plextor