Smart Encoding with Nero Vision Express 3



My DVD project includes six movies. Five of these use 100% smart encoding, but the other one is at 0%. I have also noticed that it occupies more disc space than it should (a previous version of this particular movie used 100% smart encoding).

The problem here is that transcoding takes far longer without smart encoding, and this is annoying me !

Why does this particular movie not use smart encoding on the video, when it did so before I made a slight alteration ? It is worth noting that another one of the six movies suffered from this problem a week ago, but I removed a couple of clips from this, exported it again, and now it uses smart encoding properly !

Can anyone help me out here ?


It seems that smart encoding is used to save time for those files that are already “compliant” ? If that is the case, then why is one of my movies not considered to be compliant ? It’s exactly the same type of file as the rest of them !!!


Where did the movies come from? Are they comercial DVDs or DVDs burned on a PC or set-top recorder?

I don’t know if its relevant to you, but I noticed that DVDs burned on a Panasonic set-top recorder (SP mode) are NOT compatible with Smart Encoding while ones made with a Liteon set-top recorder are.