Smart Encoding likes Liteon, hates Panasonic

I’m trying to solve a mystery that came up with a set-top Panasonic DVD recorder.

I regularly record a 1/2 hour series in SP mode for the kids, import them into NeroVision, edit out comercials and burn 4 or 5 episodes onto a DVD. Nero uses Smart Encoding to burn episodes recorded on the Liteon very quickly (15 minutes per DVD) and with no loss of quality, but when I process episodes recororded on the Panasonic (also in SP mode), Smart Encoding doesn’t kick in and I get an estimate of well over an hour to burn a DVD, not to mention the loss of quality from re-encoding.

Clearly, Panasonic’s version of SP is not the same as Liteons. So, although the Panasonic is likely going back, I’d still like to find out the differences, maybe some PC freeware that would report all the details of a recording from each.