Smart Buy CD with a critical bit of silver backing MIA

I have a Smart Buy CD-R with a small bit (about the size of a child’s pinky fingernail) missing from the area near the hub of the CD. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is where directory information for the CD is written, right? Is there any hope of re-silvering this bit so that the CD is readable or is there a software program out there that would be able to salvage anything? As is, my CD reader doesn’t recognize it and I’m assuming the worst.

If anybody has any ideas, I would be :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


Try ISObuster…

Re-silvering might be possible, but I’m not sure whether it is actually worth it…
Isn’t Smartbuy Prodisc? Older Prodisc CD-R were famous for that :frowning:

Therein lies the crux: cost (presumably).

How would ‘re-silvering’ restore the data that was on the old bit of ‘silver’?

ISObuster may be able recover the data without that.

There’s the one fly in the ointment. I wasn’t considering that aspect of the problem

the sliver isnt the part of the cd with the info on it. its the clear part in the middle. the silver is so it reflects the laser good.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to services that can do this and what sort of price I can be expected to pay?